LogViewPlus 2.4.34

6月 18, 2020 - 9:24


  • Added UDP support.
  • Added Syslog support.
  • Added interactive authentication support for SFTP and SCP connections.
  • Added support for CLEF / Serilog message template parsing.
  • Revisited all database access routines. Improved Oracle and MySql support.
  • Improved database error reporting.
  • ParserWizard can now automatically detect numeric timestamps.
  • Added support for working with bookmarks as a batch based on grid selection.
  • Added advanced element argument parsing for future extensibility.
  • Removed an unused remote file progress report from the file browser.
  • Added the ability to automatically detect and sort columns by IP address.
  • LogViewPlus will no longer automatically create a global highlights for a column search.
  • Double-clicking will now expand a tree node if possible. Otherwise, the edit or merge dialogs will be shown.
  • Explore Directory will now default to the Log Explorer unless the CTRL key is pressed.
  • Server configuration dialogs now use a spin edit to restrict port numbers.
  • Improved sorting of large numeric values.
  • Improved date time auto-detection.
  • Improved invalid settings check at start-up.
  • LogViewPlus will now cache network share lookups.
  • F3 now toggles the find panel in the log entry grid.
  • If multiple rows are selected, Copy Cell now copies all column values.
  • Added ability to delete multiple highlights at the same time.
  • Improved Windows Event Log exception handling.
  • Local log levels can now be applied to databases.




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