LogViewPlus 2.4.41

7月 21, 2020 - 16:30


  • Application upgraded to Microsoft .Net 4.7.2.
  • Added support for using HTTP/S as a remote server.
  • Added support for ETW Event Tracing as an add-on.
  • Upgraded 3rd party components.
  • New implementation for settings headers.
  • Revisited the initial sizing of the Log File Browser window.
  • Home key can now be used to navigate to the top of the view.
  • UDP listener will now listen on all local IP addresses for incoming data.
  • Refactored plugin assembly loading to be less aggressive.
  • Added Source URI to data source properties.


  • Fixed issue with using the context menu when selecting multiple items in the LogItemGrid.
  • Fixed an issue with the history clean up routines regarding missing file systems.
  • Fixed issue with server timestamps with missing time zone information displaying incorrectly.
  • Refactored directory browsing by string command.
  • Fixed issue with browsing directory monitors.
  • Improved UDP listener exception handling.
  • Fixed issue with attempting to re-open the same remote file.
  • Fixed issue with configuring DSV files in the ParserWizard.
  • Fixed issue with the UDP service blocking indefinitely when no data is received.
  • Fixed issue with file folder lookup in URI browser.
  • Minor technical changes and bug fixes.




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