LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK v21

新しいDocument Analyzer SDKを追加 - テキストベースのOfficeドキュメント、PDF、画像からデータを自動的に抽出
8月 28, 2020 - 15:27


New in the LEADTOOLS Recognition Engine

  • New Document Analyzer SDK
    • The Document Analyzer SDK intelligently and automatically extracts data from text-based Microsoft Office documents (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLX), PDFs, and document images (JPG, TIFF, PNG PDF) without requiring a structured layout
      • Automatically extracts data from images, documents, mixture of images and documents, and from images within documents.
      • Flawlessly handles various data formats, including tables, text flows, data across multiple lines.
      • Includes predefined rulesets and functions to add custom rulesets to find, collect, and act upon information.
      • Performs deep analysis to ensure that information of interest is not missed.
      • Customizable actions include collect, report, highlight, and redact.
  • New ICR
    • New ICR technology for remarkable unstructured handwritten print and cursive text recognition
      • Support for hand-printed and cursive handwriting.
      • Support for the English character set, including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and symbols.
      • Powerful and automatic preprocessing to handle noisy and low-resolution images.
      • Spelling dictionaries.
      • Process color and bitonal images.
      • Output strings or text-based formats such as PDF, DOCX, and XML.
      • Comprehensive reports for text results:
        • Character size, location, and baseline.
        • Positional attributes, including end of word, end of line, and end of paragraph.
        • Confidence values.
  • Mixed Zone Recognition
    • New mixed mode AutoZone capabilities that combine LEADTOOLS OCR, ICR, and Recognition technologies to automatically detect, recognize, and extract everything within an image.
      • Automatically extract text from images that contain a mix of machine-printed text, handwritten text, MICR, MRZ, OMR, graphics, and table zones.
  • OCR
    • Performs deep analysis to ensure that targeted information is not missed in recognition.
    • Superscript and subscript support.
    • Automatic detection of E13-B and CMC7 MICR zones.
    • Major enhancement to OCR speed, recognition, and accuracy.
    • Detect text in graphics and image zones.
    • Detect MRZ code orientation.
    • Better OCR recognition for images taken by mobile.
    • Detect slope for each word to produce better output.
    • Enhanced mono- and proportional-font recognition.
    • LEAD OCR engine startup optimization.

New in LEADTOOLS Document Engine

Document Framework

  • Document Viewer
    • New Document Viewer Component for Xamarin Forms.
    • Added support to load and play any of LEAD's supported video formats in the .NET and Java Document Viewer (Microsoft Windows only).
    • Client-side PDF rendering enhancements include:
      • Stamp rendering.
      • Memory optimization.
      • Render digital signatures.
      • Switch to service mode based on individual page size or image encoding.
      • Speedup for calRGB/grayscale color space rendering.
    • Customize text in thumbnails.
    • Added support for history (previous/next document).
    • Improved UI responsiveness when viewing documents with many pages.
    • Added custom UI injection and binding support to the high-level ReactJS document viewer control, LEADVIEW.
  • Attachments
    • Added support for general purpose and PDF attachments.
    • Added support for PDF Embedded files and Portfolio.
  • Document Service
    • Added support to load a mix of different annotations formats, including IBM P8/Deja annotations.
  • Hybrid Caching
    • Use rules to mix different cache back ends. For example, smaller items use in-memory cache and large items use a remote cache.

New Document and Image Compare Libraries

  • Compares two documents or pages and intelligently highlights changes, additions, and deletions.
    • Text compare.
    • Bitmap compare.

Document Converter

  • Document Converter optimizations to speed up text extraction.

PDF SDK Updates

  • PDF Loading and Rendering
    • Redesigned PDF loading and rendering to significantly optimize memory usage, load time, and render quality, with smooth zooming and no pixelation.
    • Optimized memory usage, load time, and render quality.
    • Optimized functions that control PDF metadata to be faster.
    • Functionality added to load and render only a portion of a PDF document.
    • Rasterization of documents at 2400 DPI.
    • Added "Enhance Thin Lines" rendering feature to clarify thin lines in the viewer.
  • PDF Portfolio and PDF Attachment
    • Load PDF Portfolio documents.
    • Load portfolio schema.
    • Extract files within PDF Portfolio documents.
    • Load PDF document with embedded attachments.
    • Extract embedded attachments from PDF documents.
  • PDF Redaction Updates
    • Added support for image redaction.
    • Updated text redaction to support text inside Form XObject.
  • Additional PDF Updates
    • Load PDF forms.
    • Enhanced PDF annotations (create, modify, load and save).
    • Enhanced PDF manipulation operations such as PDF merge, insert, and extract pages.
    • Enhanced the PDF Optimizer.
    • Enhanced PDF/A conversion with focus on font handling.

Updates for Microsoft Office Formats

  • Added support to render many chart types, including:
    • Radar.
    • Area.
    • Scattered.
    • Line.
    • Bar.
    • Chart legends.
  • Enhanced support for vector graphics rendering in all Microsoft Office formats.
  • Enhanced SVG text rendering and extraction.
  • Optimize speed and memory usage for all document formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX.
    • Mathematical equation model (OMML) support in DOCX only.
    • Optimized load speed and memory usage.
    • Added support for equation formula calculations.
    • Sections and Drawing-ML shapes.
    • Enhanced support for rendering nested tables.
    • Enhanced text wrapping around text boxes.
    • Optimized speed and memory usage.
    • Faster loading for large sheets.
    • Formula evaluator module to handle all logical operations and calculations for conditional formatting.
    • Table design support.

New in the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Engine

  • Multimedia SDK Updates
    • Faster ISO format capture and conversion.
    • New live audio processor to detect and fill dropped audio samples.
  • Updates to Streaming SDK
    • MPEG-2 transport error detection option added to the LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Multiplexer.
    • Streaming server can use MPEG-2 Transport files for all protocols.
    • Streaming server can use DICOM files as source files.
  • Updates to Media Foundation Components
    • New Media Foundation target formats:
      • 3GP: Video (H264) - Audio (AAC and AMRNB).
      • MP3.
      • MPEG-2: Video (H264, HEVC) - Audio (AAC, AAC-ADTS, AC3, MP3, and MPEG-2 Audio).
      • WAVE: Audio only (MP3, PCM, and FLOAT).
      • FLAC.
      • FMPEG4: Video (H264) - Audio (AAC, AC3, and ALAC).
      • AVI: Video (Uncompressed video colors, M-JPEG) - Audio (PCM).
      • MPEG-2 Transport: Video (H264 and HEVC) - Audio (AAC, AAC-ADTS, AC3, MP3, and MPEG-2 Audio).
      • ADTS: Audio (AAC and AAC-ADTS).
      • AC-3: Audio (Dolby AC-3 Audio).
    • Update Media Foundation targets with new audio and video formats
      • MP4: Added audio formats (AC3, ALAC, and FLAC).
      • MKV: Added new video formats (VP8 and VP9) and new audio format (OPUS).
    • Added support for .webm format to LEAD MKV media source.
    • Added support to select between available hardware and software encoders.
    • Added new decoders, encoders and target format:
      • LEAD MCMW Decoder.
      • LEAD MJ2K Decoder.
      • LEAD MCMP Decoder.
      • LEAD MJPEG Decoder.
      • LEAD MJPEG Encoder.
      • AVI Target format.

New in LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine

  • Xamarin Camera
    • Added control of preview size and frame rate.
  • New Image Processing Functions
    • Extract Object - Extracts connected groups of pixels from an image.
    • Canny Edge Detector.
    • Forms Field Detector.
  • Updates to Formats
    • Optimized memory usage for J2K format.
    • Expanded J2K support to include some files that do not follow the specification.
    • Added support to load 8-bit TIFF and PNG files with 8-bit alpha for transparency.
    • Added support for ANSI, UTF7, UTF8, UTF16LE, UTF16BE encoded text files.
    • Added support to load CGM files saved with text encoding.
    • Added support to render Medium Map Overlay for AFP (MODCA) documents.

Additional Changes

  • New powerful Xamarin demos that show more features of LEADTOOLS in a Xamarin development environment. These new demos are designed to look like end-user applications, but the source code for them is included so that anyone can get a head start. Below are some of the new demos included in version 21:
    • Annotations Demo.
    • Barcode Demo.
    • Business Card Reader Demo.
    • Camera Demo.
    • Converter Demo.
    • DICOM Demo.
    • Document Viewer Demo.
    • Image Processing Demo.
    • Live Filter Demo.
    • MICR Demo.
    • OCR Demo.
  • Maven repository for Android.

Changes to the LEADTOOLS Product Line in Version 21

  • The following products have been renamed:
    • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to LEADTOOLS Document.
    • LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging to LEADTOOLS Recognition.
    • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite to LEADTOOLS Document Suite.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging to LEADTOOLS Medical.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite to LEADTOOLS Medical Suite.
  • The following products have been added.
    • LEADTOOLS Forms - includes all features of the LEADTOOLS Recognition product, including ICR, MICR, MRZ, and OMR, plus forms recognition and processing.
  • The following products have been removed.
    • LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging - functionality moved into the LEADTOOLS Medical product.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module - functionality moved into the LEADTOOLS Medical product.
    • LEADTOOLS Dental Display Module.
  • The LEADTOOLS Document Suite and the Medical family of products include all features of LEADTOOLS Multimedia.
LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK

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