ZingGrid 1.2.2

9月 08, 2020 - 16:19


  • Added align property to <zing-grid>.
  • Updated code for align in <zg-column>.
  • Added following attributes to <zing-grid> and <zg-column> to match similar attributes for cellheaderx [celltooltipaction] [celltooltipposition] [celltooltiprenderer] [celltooltiptemplate] [celltooltiptype].
  • Added following attributes on <zing-grid> and <zg-column> to delay displaying the tooltip on hover. [celltooltipdelay] [headertooltipdelay].
  • Added following attributes on <zing-grid> and <zg-column> to set icon for tooltip trigger [celltooltipicon] [headertooltipicon].
  • Added column type info.
  • Added keyboard navigation for tooltip display.
  • Added the following attributes to both <zing-grid> and <zg-column>.
    • [headerTooltipAction] Sets the execution method of custom 'icon' type tooltips to either activate on hover or click.
    • [headerTooltipIconPosition] Sets the tooltip icon position for the tooltip icon in the header cells.
    • [headerTooltipPosition] Sets the tooltipposition for the header cell.
    • [headerTooltipRenderer] Gets the name of the user's custom render function, on window, to use the function's return value as the tooltip content.
    • [headerTooltipTemplate] Points to an external template element to be used as the template for the header tooltip.
    • [headerTooltipTrigger] Sets what part of the header triggers the tooltip. If set to 'icon', an info icon is added to the header.
    • [headerTooltipType] Sets the style to use for the tooltips. Uses the default style by default. Can set to system to match the tooltips used on icons throughout zinggrid.
  • Added to <zg-column>: [headerTooltipText] Sets the tooltip string for the header cell of the column. Can pass this value to renderer or template.
  • Added window event zinggridavailable that fires when the library is loaded.
  • Added in double click resizing.
  • Added in <zing-grid> attribute [columnresizablepersistent] and.




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