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Microsoft SQL Server環境の管理に必要なツールをすべて揃えたソリューション
10月 07, 2020 - 15:38

EZManage Cloud is an advanced centralized management tool providing an all in one solution for the Microsoft SQL Server environment. The software supports all Microsoft SQL versions and includes 24/7 monitoring and alerts, maintenance and optimization, smart backup and restore, capacity planning, real time performance and blocking, security and auditing and more.


  • Easy way to manage your Microsoft SQL Server environment.
  • Intuitive dashboard allows you to manage and view all Microsoft SQL servers and databases.
  • Save valuable time in logging in to each server separately.
  • Easily perform any immediate action needed from the main dashboard.
  • Receive in depth daily DBA reports automatically via email.
  • Manage all SQL jobs from all servers in a specially designed jobs menu.
  • Cloud Benefits:
    • Access server and database information anywhere, anytime with your smartphone.
    • Inspect and analyze bottlenecks in real time from the Memory, I/O, CPU and Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Advanced security and auditing inspects suspicious activity with specific credentials of users.
EZManage Cloud

EZManage Cloud

Microsoft SQL Server環境の管理に必要なツールをすべて揃えたソリューション


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