Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET 10.0

10月 16, 2020 - 10:01


SDK Features

  • Added the ability to apply advanced Expressions on the label content at rendering time. This allows advanced and dynamic changes on any Item properties based on Expressions code.
  • Added Expressions collection property to ThermalLabel object.
  • Added new keywords to ExpressionBuilder like `Set` (set values to Items properties or Variables), `New` (create a new object) as well as `Enumeration` types. Also added new LABEL_WIDTH and LABEL_HEIGHT variables for dynamic Item alignment. In addition, ExpressionBuilder now supports adding any custom or Microsoft .NET Type references through the AddReference method.
  • Added support for Sheet Labels layout (like Avery and other brands).
  • Added SheetLabelsWidth, SheetLabelsHeght, SheetLabelsCount, and SheetLabelsMargin properties to ThermalLabel class.
  • Added the ability to export labels to PDF in vector format.
  • Added UseVectorDrawing property to PdfMetadata class to enable it.
  • Added the ability to export labels to HTML format.
  • Added ParagraphScaling option to TextSizing so any text paragraph in a TextItem can automatically scale to fit in the available container size.
  • Added Arc option to TextSizing to allow printing single line of arc-shaped text.
  • Added Vertical option to TextSizing to allow printing single line of text vertically (stacked chars effect).
  • Added Outline Text effect by setting StrokeThickness and StrokeColorHex properties on any TextItem.
  • Added Visible property to Item objects so can be hidden or not when label is exported to any supported formats and when printing.
  • Added JSON format for label templates.
  • Added support for XML & CSV string data sources. The data source string must be prefixed with 'xml:' & 'csv:' respectivelly.
  • Added support for JSON Array data sources. The JSON Array can be specified to a file with '.json' extension, or as a plain string that must be prefixed with 'json:'.
  • Added DocumentName property to WindowsPrintJob to specify the doc name that appears on Microsoft Windows print queue.
  • Font.CustomFontFile can now be specified to a Base64 string representing the TTF font file content.
  • Improved RTL text rendering when mixed with non-RTL text.
  • Improved FontSizeScaling, it was not considering the TextItem's Height.
  • Improved support for newer SkiaSharp versions and removed SkiaSharp.HarfBuzz dependency.
  • Barcode Features
    • Added two digits checksum to Code11 symbology.
    • Plessey Barcode.
    • GS1 Aztec Code Barcode.
    • EPC QR Code Barcode (SEPA Credit Transfer QR Code, SCT QR Code).
    • Code 49 Stacked Barcode.
    • Codablock-F Stacked Barcode.
    • TLC39 Barcode.
    • HIBC LIC Codablock-F Barcode.
    • HIBC PAS Codablock-F Barcode.
    • TriOptic Barcode.
    • DIN SPEC 91406 QR Code Barcode.
    • DIN SPEC 91406 Data Matrix Barcode.
    • Update AIs based on GS1 General Specification v20: AI (723s) Certification reference, AI (7240) Protocol ID, AI (8009) Optically readable sensor indicator, AI (8013) Global Model Number (GMN), AI (8026) Identification of pieces of a trade item (ITIP) contained in a logistic unit, AI (714) National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN).
    • Portugal AIM, and AI (8013) Global Model Number (GMN).
    • HIBC LIC Additional Supplemental Data support.

Visual Windows Label Editor Features

  • Items that are out of label boundary are now highlighted on the editor.
  • Added AdornerOutOfLabelVisible and AdornerOutOfLabelColor properties for customization.
  • Added ValidateOutOfLabelItems() method to validate whether any Item is out of label boundary.
  • Added Layout Alignment support that allows the selected items to be aligned to the Left, Right, Top, Bottom, as well as Centering & Distribution in both ways, Horizontally & Vertically.
  • ToolTip is now displayed on all Items in the label canvas showing Item's Name & Type when mouse pointer is over it.
  • Added ToolTip customization through ItemToolTipBackColor, ItemToolTipForeColor, and ItemToolTipBorderColor properties.
  • Added new icon and tooltip for Item comments.

Visual Web Editor Features

  • Improved rendering quality for Text, Barcodes, and Images when zooming.
  • Improved error handling by adding onError event.
  • Improved async support for Image rendering and most ThermalLabel Editor methods.
  • Most editor canvas style settings moved to CSS (ThermalLabelWebEditor.css)
  • ToolTip is displayed on all Items in the label canvas showing Item's Name & Type when mouse pointer is over it.
  • Added Undo/Redo support.
Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET

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