CodeRush Ultimate 20.2.3

10月 28, 2020 - 17:41


Blazor Support

  • Refactorings - Declare Event Handler
    • This release introduces the "Declare Event Handler (Razor code block)" and "Declare Event Handler (Razor code behind)" refactorings. These refactorings generate an event handler in the @code block of a .razor file and in a Razor code-behind file (razor.cs) for the selected method reference.

Organize Members Enhancements

  • You can now create rules to group members by:
    • Member type name (property/field type, method return type, etc.).
    • Member name.
  • You can use Contains, StartsWith, and Equals string operations and RegEx expressions to group members.
  • Organize Members also allows you to sort members by their type name.


  • Jump to Window
    • The Jump to window now clearly indicates entries found in the active file/type.
New Multi-Framework Unit Testing and Blazor support.

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