DevExtreme 20.2.3

10月 28, 2020 - 17:45


Data Grid

  • Export to PDF (CTP)
    • You can now export DataGrid content to a PDF document. The new Export to PDF API offers the following:
      • Cell content and appearance customization.
      • Image export support.
      • Add custom content alongside the grid (such as a header or footer).
      • Export multiple grids into a single PDF document.

Data Grid and Tree List

  • Data Editing API Enhancements
    • Extended the DataGrid and TreeList data editing API to better support declarative data bindings and to address new data editing scenarios. You can now:
      • Save all modified rows in a single request - batch edit mode.
      • Get notified when data editing is completed or canceled (onSaving, onSaved, onEditCanceling, onEditCanceled).
      • Access updated/inserted/deleted rows via declarative bindings (CTP).

Pivot Grid

  • Export to Microsoft Excel API
    • With the new PivotGrid API you can:
      • Customize cell data and appearance as needed.
      • Export PivotGrid Field Panel configuration data.
      • Add additional worksheets with custom data.
      • Display PivotGrid export progress/status.
      • Protect Excel cells and worksheets with passwords.


  • Virtual Scrolling
    • Enhanced both the performance and usability of the DevExtreme Scheduler. A new Virtual Scrolling mode is available for Day and Week views. When virtual scrolling is enabled, the Scheduler renders only visible grid cells and appointments.
  • TimeZone Editor Enhancements
    • The TimeZone Editor is now represented as a single drop-down list that contains all time zones from IANA database sorted by UTC offset.
    • Added a search box and enabled "lazy loading" to improve user experience.
  • Recurrence Rule Enhancements
    • Replaced the custom Recurrence Engine with the RRule open source library.
    • Scheduler control now supports the iCalendar RFC 2445 specification.


  • Partial Updates
      • The Diagram for ASP.NET Core can now partially update its UI in response to external changes to its data source. As you might expect, data editing will no longer require a full reload on data change.
  • Data Binding Enhancements
    • The new nodes.customDataExpr and edges.customDataExpr options allow you to link additional data source fields to Diagram elements. Linked data is replicated in the Diagram's change history. As such, the Diagram control can undo/redo changes made to additional data fields.
  • Toolbox Customization Options
    • toolbox.width - Specifies Toolbox width.
    • toolbox.shapeIconsPerRow - Specifies the number of shapes in a toolbox row.
    • toolbox.showSearch - Displays/hides the Diagram's Toolbox search box.
    • toolboxWidthToHeightRatio - Specifies the aspect ratio of toolbox shape items.
  • Toolbox Shape Templates
    • New Diagram templates include:
      • customShapeToolboxTemplate - a common template for all shapes in the Toolbox;
      • toolboxTemplate - a template for an individual shape in the Toolbox.
  • Autosize Shapes
    • When used in data-bound mode, the Diagram control now automatically resize shapes to fit shape text.
    • Enable the new keepRatioOnAutoSize option to retain the aspect ratio for a custom shape after resize operations.
    • To prevent auto-size operations, disable the autoSizeEnabled option.
  • User Restrictions
    • New Diagram options allow you to control modifications made to Diagram shapes and connectors. These new options include:
      • Add Shape.
      • Change Connection.
      • Change Connector Points.
      • Change Connector Text.
      • Change Shape Text.
      • Delete Connector.
      • Delete Shape.
      • Resize Shape.
    • Created a new requestEditOperation event to facilitate custom implementations. Handle this event to restrict user actions as needed.
  • Improved Connector Routing
    • Improved the algorithm used to compute orthogonal connector routing (to prevent crossing shapes).


  • Context Menu Customization API
    • The new Gantt API allows you to create and customize its context menu. You can add predefined menu items or create custom items as needed.
      • contextMenu
      • contextMenuPreparing
  • Custom Task Tooltips
    • This release includes a new taskTooltipContentTemplate option. Use this option to display custom content within task tooltips.
  • Task Edit Dialog Customization
    • The new TaskEditDialogShowing event fires before the Task Edit dialog is displayed. Handle this event to hide or turn desired fields to read-only.
  • New Client-Side API
    • Implemented 20+ new client-side events (dependencyDeleting, focusedTaskChanging, focusedTaskChanged, taskMoving, resourceInserting/Deleting/Updating, etc.) and over 15 new methods (insertDependency, insertTask, etc.).

File Manager

  • File Upload via Drag & Drop
    • DevExtreme File Manager widget supports file upload operations using drag & drop.
  • File Upload - Custom Drop Zone
    • A new dropZone option allows you to specify a custom drop zone.
  • API Enhancements
    • dialogTrigger - specifies the HTML element that invokes the file upload dialog.
    • upload - uploads a file(s).
    • abortUpload - cancels file upload.
    • removeFile - removes a file.

HTML/Markdown Editor (CTP)

  • Tables
    • The HTML/Markdown Editor can now render tables. New API and UI options allow you to execute multiple table-related tasks (create/delete a table, insert/delete a row, column, or cell) with ease.

Data Visualization

  • Map and Pie Chart Annotations
    • Both the Vector Maps and Pie Chart now support Data Annotations.
  • Axis Label Templates
    • With this release, you can use templates to render images or custom content within chart axis labels.


  • SCSS Support
    • Migrated existing DevExtreme LESS styles to SCSS and made them modular. You can now integrate DevExtreme SCSS styles into your application build process. This change also allows you to precisely customize CSS styles and minimize resulting CSS bundles.
    • DevExtreme SCSS styles fully support the SCSS module system.

Angular Components

  • Authentication UI Template
    • Extended the Angular Application Template with new Sign Up and Reset/Change Password form templates. Also implemented corresponding client-side user workflows so you can integrate the new Angular Authentication Forms with your backend authentication API.

Vue Components

  • Adds Vue 3 support.
  • Authentication UI Template
    • Extended the Vue Application Template with new Sign Up and Reset/Change Password form templates. Also implemented corresponding client-side user workflows so you can integrate the new Vue Authentication Forms with your backend authentication API.

React Components

  • API Enhancements
    • Accompanied the React component state properties with corresponding onChange events so you can handle state changes easier. For instance, the 'value' property has the corresponding 'onValueChange' event.

Native React Grid

  • Inline Edit Form - Editing in Detail Row
    • With this release, you can use the TableRowDetail and EditingState plugins and integrate the Inline Edit Form to modify cell values.

Native React Scheduler

  • Enhanced Rendering for Overlapped Events/Appointments
    • Improved the readability of the React Scheduler by using available screen space more efficiently. In Week and Day views, overlapped appointments are distributed evenly across cell width and consume as much space as possible. If enough room exists to display appointment title and dates, appointments are layered one above another.
Export DataGrid content to a PDF document.




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