PyCharm 2020.3

12月 03, 2020 - 12:42


Project setup and navigation

  • Environment autoconfiguration for your imported or cloned projects - If you are cloning or importing a project from the repo with a requirements.txt,, environment.yml, or pipfile inside it, PyCharm will set up your Python environment for you.
  • ‘Search Everywhere’ to find Git commits - Search Everywhere now also looks for your Git commits. Press Shift twice to open Search Everywhere and start searching. You can even use the search dialog to find the answers to math calculations.
  • New Welcome screen for faster initial setup - PyCharm’s Welcome screen has been redesigned. The initial setup wizard has been replaced with a quick-access screen containing four pages: ‘Projects’, for managing your projects; ‘Customize’, for setting up the IDE interface; ‘Plugins’, for plugin installation; and ‘Learn PyCharm’, for access to learning resources.
  • Further improvements
    • The VCS menu now adapts to match the version control system in use. The most useful actions and key features are now available at your fingertips, so you no longer have to go searching for them in the submenu.

Code editor

  • Invert ‘if’ statements - You can now invert “if” statements: go to the context menu for “if”, choose Show Context Actions, and then select Invert ‘if’ condition. The branches will switch their positions, but the semantics will stay the same. This feature works for all “if” statements without “elif” branches. The action understands control flow, and handles early return.
  • Drag and drop tabs or open them in ‘Right Split’ - If you want to have several tabs open while working on a project, you can now drag and drop file tabs to split the editor either horizontally or vertically. This release also introduced the Open in Right Split action, which splits the editor vertically upon opening your file. You can invoke this action from the Project view or other navigation popups, such as Recent Files, Search Everywhere, and the navigation bar.
  • Enhanced code insight for type aliases - Starting from Python 3.10, using type aliases will no longer interfere with code insight. The new TypeAlias annotation will be supported by PyCharm as soon as it is released in Python.
  • Further improvements
    • Added the ability to use custom color settings for nested functions and specify your custom colors.

IDE Improvements

  • Git Stage support - You can now stage changes directly from PyCharm. You can also stage changes right from the gutter or in the Diff view.
  • A more powerful Data Viewer - SciView now allows selecting and copying values, as well as sorting and filtering for columns. You can open and visually compare two datasets directly in the editor pane, and export your processed data to the CSV format.
  • Better preview UI for the Markdown tool - You can customize the Markdown format. Press Ctrl+Alt+L to apply the formatting. The Auto-Scroll Preview button in the top right-hand corner of the editor allows you to sync the scrolling of the preview pane with the editor.
  • Intelligent spelling and grammar checks - Now when you press Alt+Enter, the IDE invokes suggestions to correct your grammar and spelling. What’s more, this release has started using a new version of the LanguageTool grammar checking engine, which improves text reviews in English and adds support for more than 10 additional languages.
  • Further improvements
    • Sync your PyCharm theme with your OS settings on Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. This feature will be especially useful if you’ve already set up auto-switching between Light and Dark mode depending on the time of the day.
    • Added the ability to set PyCharm as the default application for certain file formats.

Frontend development

  • Create a React component from usage - Place the caret at the unresolved React components location, press Alt+Enter, and select Create class/function component from the list – the IDE will create the relevant code construct for you.
  • cURL conversion in the HTTP client - You can now export an HTTP request to cURL. Press Alt+Enter in the HTTP request editor and select Convert to cURL and copy to clipboard. This conversion works in both directions, from cURL to an HTTP request and from an HTTP request to cURL.
  • Tailwind CSS support - PyCharm can now help you work with Tailwind CSS more productively. Install the Tailwind CSS plugin and the IDE will autocomplete your Tailwind classes, show you a preview of the resulting CSS on mouseover, and support the customizations you make using tailwind.config.js files.
  • Further improvements
    • If you are looking for a certain code element in one of your open JavaScript and TypeScript files, just click on the file name in the Navigation bar and get the list of all code elements from that file in a popup.
    • Added support for code formatting in JavaScript for multiline CSS and HTML blocks with JavaScript inside them. The IDE will indent correctly when you add code in these more complex template literals or reformat your code.

Collaborative development

  • Code With Me Plugin - PyCharm 2020.3 supports Code With Me (EAP), a new service from JetBrains for collaborative development and pair programming. Code With Me enables you to share the project you currently have open in your IDE with others and work on it together in real time.
Environment autoconfiguration


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