PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.50.12628

1月 11, 2021 - 16:14


  • Code Analysis
    • Respects @template annotation in PHPDoc.
    • Handles inline @var annotation.
    • Signature help for ambiguous constructors (new \ReflectionMethod).
    • PHPDoc array type with union elements annotation (array).
    • PHPDoc allows for nullable type annotation (e.g. ?int).
    • Improved code analysis, avoids some false positives.
    • Improved code flow analysis, isset(), is_resource(), and type inference.
    • Improved analysis for lambda function use variables.
    • CLI specific constants and variables are allowed and code completed.
    • Updated .phpstorm.meta.php parser for type inference.
  • Editor
    • (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and 2019) Progress UI in lower left corner of Visual Studio.
    • (Visual Studio 2019) Improved type names shown in tool tips.
    • Performance optimizations.
    • "Go to Implementation" for traits.
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