DevExtreme 20.2.5

1月 21, 2021 - 15:46


All Angular products

  • The 'Super expression must either be null or a function' error appears in a deployed app after upgrade to v.20.2.3.

All Vue products

  • The "Cannot read property 'getOptionsToWatch' of undefined" error is thrown during Jest testing if a component has nested items in Vue 2.
  • Toolbar items are duplicated when the default template is used and the widget option is set to dxSelectBox.

DevExtreme Charts & Gauges

  • Chart - Bars are displayed as thin lines under certain conditions.
  • Chart - The "Failed to read the 'cssRules' property from 'CSSStyleSheet': Cannot access rules" error occurs when the height option is defined for multiple panes.
  • Chart - The chart is rendered incorrectly/blank when its settings are changed in the onDone event handler.
  • CircularGauge - A range is displayed in a color that belongs to the previous zero-length range when a palette is used.
  • Funnel - The tooltip's contentRender function does not work after update to v.20.2.4.

DevExtreme Data Grid

  • DataGrid - "dx.all.js:115 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '-1' of undefined" error occurs on an attempt to set focusedRowKey to null in the customLoad callback when the focusedRowIndex value is specified.
  • DataGrid - A blank row is shown when a row is reordered using the drag and drop if the columnFixing and remoteOperations options are enabled.
  • DataGrid - A checkbox inside the "select" column intersects column borders when a column has a small width.
  • DataGrid - A column is unexpectedly resized to its minWidth during window resizing.
  • DataGrid - It is impossible to navigate to data rows after a cell was focused and DataGrid was unfocused.
  • DataGrid - navigateToRow doesn't scroll to a specified record if the widget is sorted by a column with null values.
  • DataGrid - Tab key stops working during navigating through the grid in a certain scenario.
  • DataGrid - The "SelectAll" checkbox state is intermediate if all rows are deselected and a compound key is used.
  • DataGrid - The e.brokenRules array of the onRowValidating event handler has duplicate items.
  • DataGrid - The editing frame is not removed if adding a new row via the Escape button is cancelled.
  • DataGrid - The rowDragging.onAdd function isn't called if a row is dragged downwards.
  • DataGrid doesn't allow focusing headers after a filter row using the keyboard if the filter row contains NumberBox and DateBox.
  • DataGrid with rowTemplate - If columnAutoWidth is enabled when the column has width, it throws an error: ''Cannot read property '0' of undefined".

DevExtreme Diagram

  • Diagram - Data source values are already updated when ArrayStore's onUpdating event fires if complex objects are used for data binding.
  • Diagram - The "<path> attribute d: Expected number, M NaN NaN L NaN Na…" error occurs on selecting a certain group of shapes.
  • Diagram for Vue - The Data Grid control used within node templates is not rendered on high DPI screens (4K).

DevExtreme Editors & Validation

  • Autocomplete - The onValueChanged event handler's event parameter is null after selecting an item on a mouse click.
  • DateBox - Hour input in dropDown allows inputting 24-hour values while time is shown in 12-hour format.
  • DateBox shows a native picker twice when selecting a date or time in Apple iOS 14.
  • DropDownBox - The drop-down element is opened when the Clear button is clicked.
  • DropDownBox - The dropDownBox.items option is unavailable in v20.2.4.
  • SelectBox - It is impossible to select items using arrow keys under certain conditions.
  • SelectBox - Placeholder text is misaligned in a material compact theme.
  • SelectBox with a custom fieldTemplate always stays focused if acceptCustomValue is true.
  • TagBox - The "Cannot read property 'left' of undefined" error occurs on clicking the left arrow key.
  • TagBox - The "text" option returns only the text of the last selected item.
  • TagBox - The hideSelectedItems option does not work if the minSearchLength option is set.
  • TextBox - The "jQuery.fn.removeAttr no longer sets boolean properties: disabled" message appears if jQuery migrate script is included.

DevExtreme File Management

  • DevExtreme FileManager - It is possible to move a folder to itself.
  • FileManager for ASP.NET Core - The vertical scrollbar jumps when the Details view has a vertical scrollbar and the last row is selected.

DevExtreme Form

  • Autocomplete - The onValueChanged event handler's event parameter is null after selecting an item on a mouse click.
  • Form labels are misaligned in Safari.
  • The Form Validation Demo - The Date of Birth field displays a validation error on entering a valid date.

DevExtreme Gantt

  • Gantt - A certain task is shown within an incorrect year range after zooming.
  • Gantt - A task has an incorrect background color if it has children and its id = 0.
  • Gantt - Row heights are not synchronized between the "Tree List" and "Gantt" areas when scrolling the content.
  • Gantt - Row heights are not synchronized between the "Tree List" and "Gantt" areas when the control's content is scrolled on screens with non-standard DPI settings (125%).
  • Gantt - The context menu does not have a default item to add a sub-task.
  • Gantt for ASP.NET Core - Child tasks are not recalculated after a parent task is moved if both the AutoUpdateParentTasks and ValidateDependencies properties are enabled.
  • Gantt for JavaScript - The key value for new tasks is generated incorrectly in some cases.

DevExtreme Html Editor

  • HtmlEditor - It is not possible to correctly select and edit an existing image using the "Add Image" dialog in a certain scenario.
  • HtmlEditor - The " __webpack_require__ => Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined" error occurs when an application with the control is built with Webpack 5 and run in the browser.
  • HtmlEditor loses focus when the up and down arrows are used in lists.

DevExtreme Layout & Navigation

  • Drawer - Panel is incorrectly shown under some circumstances.
  • List - Old items persist when enabling the repaintChangesOnly and loading a next page.
  • Menu - The keyboard navigation works incorrectly when the focus is moved from a second-level submenu item to the next menu item.
  • Menu - The onItemClick event handler doesn't update a variable via the React setState hook.
  • Tabs added at runtime don't have the ARIA "role" attribute if repaintChangesOnly is "true".

DevExtreme Maps

  • VectorMap - A map is displayed incorrectly if its data source contains MultiPolygon figures.

DevExtreme Pivot Grid

  • PivotGridFieldChooser - The Apply button resets the widget's state in Angular when the applyChangesMode option is set to onDemand.
  • PivotGridFieldChooser widget does not trigger the onOptionChanged event on an attempt to reorder its fields.

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • Scheduler - An appointment tooltip is not properly displayed in dark or high contrast themes.
  • Scheduler - Cannot delete an appointment (add an exception) for a recurrence appointment if Scheduler.timeZone is set.
  • Scheduler - Changing the timeZone does not update the value of the today date.
  • Scheduler - DataCellTemplate does not fill the entire cell in the Firefox browser.
  • Scheduler - recurrenceException newData and oldData in onAppointmentUpdating have the same values after dragging an individual appointment from a recurring appointment.
  • Scheduler - The "Delete appointment" button is missing if the disabled property is set to false in Knockout.
  • Scheduler - The Agenda view on narrow screens is rendered incorrectly.
  • Scheduler does not pass an updated appointment item from the backend to the onAppointmentAdded event.
  • The "Disabled Date/Time Ranges" Demo - Scheduler allows dropping appointments to the disabled area.

DevExtreme ThemeBuilder

  • ThemeBuilder - Changing a variable resets variables imported from bootstrap.
  • ThemeBuilder - Importing a theme with metadata (.json file) doesn't work.
  • ThemeBuilder - It is not possible to import a file with UTF-8-BOM encoding.

DevExtreme Tree List

  • TreeList - The drop placeholder is misaligned on row dragging in Firefox 84 on Apple Mac OS.

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