Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.9

1月 27, 2021 - 15:29


  • Added new Importer and Editor for MSIXUpload/AppXUpload.
  • Added new MSIX declaration: FileExplorerContextMenus.
  • Improved Microsoft PowerShell automation support for COM page.
  • Improved PowerShell automation support for changing the Package Type.
  • Added option for adding priorities for Microsoft Visual Studio SKUs when importing a solution.
  • Added support for setting proxies for the updater manually.
  • Added option to automatically detect project file changes and reload in Advanced Installer’s user interface.
  • "File Condition" optional column is now available in the Files & Folders view.
  • Improved DTD schema validation support for XML Updates designer.
  • Removed the minimum 10.0 version requirement for custom sign tools.
  • Added SignTool Warning: No file digest algorithm specified.
  • Added new command-line option for "Register product with Windows Installer".
  • Improved reported error for invalid projects.
Advanced Installer Enterprise

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