UltraEdit v28.00

1月 28, 2021 - 15:26


  • IntelliTips:
    • Code-aware suggestions for auto-completing class members, methods, etc.
    • Function tips for typing parameters in function call.
    • UltraEdit parses active file and parent folder for symbols.
    • Supports local files and files opened via FTP.
    • Optionally scan other folders.
    • New config options in Settings - Auto-complete - IntelliTips.
  • Improved auto-complete:
    • Fully themed auto-complete dialog.
    • Choose when auto-complete automatically shows in Settings - Auto-complete.
  • Fully resizable Find and Replace dialogs.
  • New context menu option "Delete lines" in Find String List to delete all lines containing string.
  • New option to "Highlight all items found" with Replace.
  • "Highlight all selected" optionally matches:
    • Whole word only (and optionally only when selection is a whole word).
    • Case.
    • Configure in Settings - Search - Advanced.
  • "Save and Close" command.
  • "Open last-closed tab" option (file tab context menu).
  • Ability to save an empty, new file.
  • Save As option to leave both original file and new file open:
    • Added support for remote (FTP) files as well.
  • Go to previous and next position using forward and back mouse buttons.
  • Dynamic highlighting of XML and HTML attributes and values.
  • Clicking in line margin to select now selects entire soft-wrapped line.
  • Expanded theme support with most dialogs using theme colors.
  • Other minor enhancements and issues addressed.
Fully resizable Find and Replace dialogs





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