ActiveState Platform - 2021年1月

2月 05, 2021 - 15:48


  • Security/CVE Reports via API - ActiveState Platform will now also provide you with:
    • Number and severity level of all vulnerabilities in your environment.
    • Group dependencies by level of vulnerability.
  • GitHub Project Linking - If you’ve created a Python, Perl or Tcl environment on the ActiveState Platform for a project you’re working on in GitHub, you can now link the two of them together. When you use the State Tool to deploy your environment to your local system, a copy of your GitHub code will be automatically sent into the same local directory, streamlining project setup.
  • Support For RHEL 8 - All Python, Perl and Tcl projects built for Linux will now support deployment on RHEL 8 systems.
Security/CVE Reports via API

ActiveState Platform (英語版)



今すぐ ActiveState ライセンススペシャリストとライブ チャット