Advanced Installer Enterprise 18.0

PowerShell v7の対応済み: 定義済みの起動条件、前提条件、カスタムアクションエンジンをアップデート
2月 24, 2021 - 12:21


  • Added support for Microsoft PowerShell v7: Predefined Launch Conditions, Prerequisites and Custom Actions Engine Update.
  • Added WiX import support for Microsoft Visual Studio Extension.
  • Added PowerShell automation support for COM page.
  • Added support for PSF RegLegacyFixups.
  • Added support for PSF auto-fixup for "allowElevation".
  • Manifest Editor - Added the option to Expand/Collapse all elements with the same XPath.
  • Improved shortcut synchronization when adding a Java product.
  • Added new option to permit in-place editing in Manifest Editor.
  • Updated Project Reporting for AppX.
  • Predefined prerequisite for "Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 SP3".
  • Predefined prerequisite for "SQL Server Express LocalDB 2019".
  • Predefined prerequisites for "IIS Express 10.0".
  • "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8" prerequisite has been updated to latest version 4.8.3928.
Advanced Installer Enterprise

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