Code With Me による共同開発環境、 WSL サポートの強化が追加されます。
4月 09, 2021 - 16:17


  • Collaborative development - Code With Me connects remote teams in a feature-rich remote collaborative environment. Set the required level of access and invite others to collaborate on your project with you by sharing the link with them. Your peers do not even need to have an IDE of their own installed to collaborate with you. Code With Me includes embedded audio and video calls, along with chat messaging, which will help teams discuss the code, share their knowledge, and cooperate more efficiently.
  • Performance
    • Faster indexing for projects - Added revamped prebuilt indexes for popular Python interpreters that make the standard library indexing in PyCharm much faster.
  • WSL
    • Work directly with WSL projects - You can now work directly with projects located in the WSL filesystem. You can now open any directory in \\wsl$. If the IDE detects a Python file in the directory, it will suggest creating a WSL-based interpreter. It also detects if there is an existing WSL interpreter.
  • Code insight
    • Auto import on module member completion - PyCharm now automatically adds an import statement when you refer to a module or package name in your code and invoke code completion, which provides a list of available module members. Auto-import on code completion is also applied to some popular package name aliases, such as np for NumPy or pd for pandas.
    • Intelligent completion for multiple arguments - PyCharm now recognizes methods that have several parameters with defined arguments.
    • Type suggestions for decorated methods - You can now validate the types of decorated methods based on the types and type hints of their decorators.
    • Further improvements:
      • PyCharm now includes an inspection that highlights http:// protocol usages in strings and offers to change them to https://. You can add URLs to the list of ignored URLs or disable the inspection for the whole project or parts of it.
      • You can now correctly parse mypy # type: ignore comments and suppresses type checker errors in the editor.
      • PyCharm now type checks Cython files. Only numeric types are currently supported.
  • IDE improvements
    • Tool window for Python packages - You can now install a new Python package or browse through all the packages available for download using the new Python Packages tool window, without having to leave the editor.
    • Built-in HTML preview - The new built-in browser preview allows you to preview HTML files quickly. If you make any changes in HTML or if you change the linked CSS and JavaScript files, the preview will update on the fly.
    • Maximize tabs in the split view - Whenever several tabs that split the editor vertically are open, you can double-click either of them to maximize the editor window for that specific tab. To bring the window back to its original size, simply double-click it again.
  • Version Control
    • Configure a profile for pre-commit inspections - Added the ability to choose a code inspection profile before committing changes to VCS.
    • Further improvements:
      • Use Git commit templates to create custom commit messages to suit on your needs. If you define a commit template, the IDE will display the text from it as an initial commit message.
      • Copy your changes to the Shelf while keeping them in the local changes with the Save to Shelf action.
      • Connect PyCharm to your organization in JetBrains Space to view and clone project repositories and to review your teammates’ code.
  • Frontend development
    • Bundled MDN documentation - MDN documentation is now bundled with PyCharm which will help prevent connectivity issues with the MDN website and make in-editor documentation in your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files display more quickly.
    • Improved support for Stylelint - Inspecting your CSS code with Stylelint is now easier. Hover over a problem in your file or place the caret on it and press Alt+Enter, then select Stylelint: Fix current file. You can also now specify a path to the configuration file under the corresponding field in Preferences/Settings.
    • Selector specificity for CSS - When working with style sheets, you can now check the specificity of your selectors.
  • Databases
    • Order and export selected query - Added the new ORDER BY field which lets you reorganize the table by applying a clause to a database table query. You can use stacked sorting by clicking on a column name while holding the Alt key. You can also now export filtered and ordered queries.
    • Direct editing support for MongoDB - You can now use the UI to change the type of a field or edit data in MongoDB collections. Type changing can be done both in the context menu of the field and in the value editor.
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