Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v15.2 (ビルド1559)

4月 14, 2021 - 10:17


  • Timeout duration when communicating with a PCS can now be configured from the Manage Project Options dialog.
  • Importing/Exporting CSV data has been updated to correctly handle escaped extended ASCII characters.
  • Amazon Web Service icons have now been updated to Release 7.
  • Added a new option 'Copy Selected Rows to Clipboard' when displaying a Package or diagram as a list.
  • Changing the stereotype for an attribute or operation will now load the defined properties into the docked Properties window.
  • Improved detection of changes to Version Controlled Package files, to help prevent unnecessary imports.
  • Cached Diagram Images, Image Maps and HTML for Linked Documents will now be updated when importing Native XML.
  • Added support for importing Visual Paradigm diagrams from XMI 2.1.
  • Added the ability to save model-based Add-In scripts when using a Postgres model.
  • The Project Integrity Check now detects Package Baselines that have been set aside during an XMI import and not restored, or where no matching Package exists.
  • Multiple improvements to Executable StateMachine Code Generation:
    • Transition Effects will now generate the selected operation with parentheses and a semicolon.
    • Removed unhelpful comments from the template for the send_event and broadcast_event.
  • Integration
    • Timeout duration when communicating with an Integration Plug-in can now be customized from PCS (requires PCS 4.6 build 65).
    • Improved handling of unresponsive external providers.
    • The active External Data window will now recognize any modification to Field Mappings for an Integration Plug-in.
    • Increased security applied to the External Data 'Remember Me' option; note that existing remembered credentials will be lost and must be re-entered.
    • Custom Integrations can now pass log messages to Enterprise Architect; they will be displayed in the System Output window.
    • Added support for RESTful API notifications from an Enterprise Architect client to PCS-based Integrations.
    • A notification will now be sent when an element is linked, unlinked or updated (requires PCS 4.6 build 65).
    • Added support for displaying different icons in the External Data window for each breadcrumb menu level and for any item type.
    • Added the ability for Custom Integrations and the Polarion integration to support threaded discussions.
    • Custom Integrations are now listed under their 'Group' as defined in the Pro Cloud Server configuration (requires PCS 4.6 build 65).
    • Improved messaging when no results are returned by an Integration Provider, to help distinguish between failure and a valid result:
      • When no sub-menu items are returned, a message is added to the System Output window.
      • When no results are returned for a menu item, a message is added to the External Data window.
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