DevExtreme Complete 21.1

5月 26, 2021 - 14:29


Data Grid

  • Export to PDF (CTP)
    • The Export to PDF API now includes the following options/capabilities:
      • WYSIWYG Export to PDF.
      • Fit-to-Page.
      • Multi-Page Export.
      • Text Wrapping.
      • Progress Indication.
      • Cell Content, Format and Appearance Customization options.

Data Grid & Tree List

  • Pager Enhancements
    • This release includes the following pager-related enhancements:
      • A new pager.displayMode property. This property specifies the pager's display layout: full, compact, or adaptive.
      • The page size selector can now display 'All' records on a page (pager.allowedPageSizes).
  • Editing API Enhancements
    • You can now use declarative bindings to insert new rows in Angular, React and Vue applications.
  • Add New Rows to a Specified Position (CTP)
    • You can now insert a new row at any location within a list (first, last or a custom position).


  • Get a Diagram Shape or Connector by ID or Key
    • This release allows you to obtain a diagram shape or connector by its internal identifier (getItemById) or by a data key (getItemByKey).
    • New shape properties include information about containers:
      • containerChildItemIds - Gets shape identifiers within a container.
      • containerExpanded - Gets whether a container is expanded.
      • containerId - Gets the container identifier with a shape.
  • Iterate through Diagram Shapes and Connectors
    • Use the new getItems method to obtain an array of all diagram items (shapes and connectors).
  • Select Shapes and Connectors
    • This release includes the following API enhancements:
      • getSelectedItems - Returns selected diagram shapes and connectors.
      • setSelectedItems - Selects specified diagram shapes and connectors.
  • Scroll to Item
    • Use the new scrollToItem method to scroll the drawing canvas to the specified diagram item.

ES6 (ECMAScript 6) Modules

  • DevExtreme's npm distribution now includes ES6 modules. These modules help optimize Tree Shaking and decrease production JavaScript bundle size.
  • With this update, you can also use modern JavaScript bundlers that don't support the CommonJS module format and only work with ES6 modules.

File Manager

  • Customize a Context Menu for Individual Files/Folders
    • The new onContextMenuShowing event allows you to customize your app's context menu for individual files and folders. You can add/remove menu items, specify item state, etc.
  • Describe Errors on the Client
    • The File Manager's API includes a new FileSystemError class. This class allows you to specify an error code (errorCode), error description (errorText) and file system element (fileSystemItem) when handling errors within 'CustomFileSystemProvider'.
  • Show/Hide Progress Panel
    • Use the new showPanel and showPopup options to display a progress panel and pop-up notifications within the File Manager.
  • Custom HTTP Headers in Remote File System Provider
    • You can now customize AJAX (beforeAjaxSend) and form submit requests (beforeSubmit) before they are sent to the server.


  • Export to PDF (CTP)
    • The Gantt component can now export content to PDF.
  • API Enhancements
    • This release includes the following Gantt related API updates:
      • scrollToDate - Scrolls the Gantt chart to a specified date on a timeline.
      • resourceManagerDialogShowing - Allows you to customize the Resource Manager dialog.
      • taskContentTemplate - Allows you to customize the layout and appearance of individual task elements.

HTML/Markdown Editor

  • v21.1 marks the official release of the HTML/Markdown Editor. The DevExpress HTML/Markdown Editor includes the following integrated features:
    • Inline, Block, and Embedded Format Support.
    • Format Customization.
    • Custom Modules.
    • HTML and Markdown Support.
    • Insert Image (a link or base64-encoded string) Support.
    • Mail Merge Support.
    • Copy-Paste Rich Content Support.
    • Mentions.
    • Multiline Toolbar.
    • Table Support.
    • Localization.


  • Agenda View - Redesigned
    • The redesigned Agenda View now displays resources and a recurrence indicator for recurring appointments. Color markers help users differentiate appointments by resource.
  • Horizontal Virtual Scrolling
    • Horizontal Virtual Scrolling is now available across all Scheduler Views. When virtual scrolling is enabled, the Scheduler only renders grid cells and appointments that fall into the visible viewport.
  • Drag-and-Drop Enhancements
    • Drag-and-Drop is now more intuitive and event positioning more predictable.

TypeScript Enhancements

  • DevExtreme v21.1 includes the following TypeScript related enhancements:
    • DevExtreme modules no longer contain JQuery types if JQuery is not used in your target project.
    • You can now use named types for event arguments within your application code.
    • Event argument types now contain information about optional properties (that can be undefined) and writable properties (that can be modified in your event handlers).
HTML/Markdown Editor

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