Mockplus Cloudのアップデート

6月 09, 2021 - 8:53


  • Sketch plugin
    • Added support for restoring the layer structures of your Symbols in one click.
  • Design & Interaction
    • Added support for choosing whether to overwrite asset files with the same name when trying to download all assets.
    • Improved the display of the transparent backgrounds of assets. The contrast between the transparent background and the asset content has been increased.
    • Improved pin commenting. All similar member names are now listed when you @mention someone and type the name.
  • Prototype
    • Added support for a shortcut "Ctrl + f " to quickly search for a desired page in the Project Tree in Preview mode.
  • Document
    • Added support for dragging and dropping when adjusting the size of the left-hand Document Tree panel.
  • Task Management
    • Added support for hiding all tasks in the same state.
    • Improved filtering tasks using task status.
  • Preview
    • Added support for quickly focusing on a page by pressing "F" when the page is out of sight.
    • Improved page zoom. Zoom is now centered on mouse position when previewing projects without device frames.
  • Team Management
    • Added an "Ungrouped" category to manage members.
    • Improved the interface to be able to send a request to join a team.
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