Handsontable - 新しい数式プラグイン

ブログの投稿 - HyperFormulaプラグインによって、Handsontableに強力な計算エンジンを統合
7月 14, 2021 - 16:29

Handsontable is a JavaScript/HTML5 data grid component with a spreadsheet look and feel that is independent from any external framework. With the release of v9.0.0 it now includes HyperFormula under the hood, providing more features, better performance, and compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

In this blog post from Handsontable, Beata Mówka takes you through this release and highlights the improvements that HyperFormula can bring to your JavaScript spreadsheets, including:

  • How HyperFormula improves upon formula.js and Handsontable's own previous formula parser.
  • Features and performance improvements.
  • How to use the HyperFormula plugin.
  • How to upgrade based on JS framework.
  • Much more!

Read the Handsontable blog to learn about this powerful new feature!

Handsontable new formula engine.




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