FastReport Mono 2021.4.1

エラスティック検索に加えて、新しいVisual Studioスタイルのアイコンに接続する機能を追加
9月 13, 2021 - 14:05


  • Added new Microsoft Visual Studio-styled icons. You may switch between icon packs in the window.
  • Added ability to reset the FastReport configuration stored in the FastReport.Config file in the user's profile.
  • Added ability for the Text object to display DB filed names in a simplified form when designing a report.
  • Added ability to set up each cell in the Matrix object's corner area.
  • Added ability to connect to Elasticsearch. Connection available in data wizard and from code.
  • Added barcode Japanese Post 4 - State Code.
  • Added the collapse all/expand all buttons and, a search field for the report tree and data tree in the designer.
  • The RichText to report object converter has been significantly improved and optimized.
  • Added FastReport Business Graphics integration objects.
  • Universal plugins FastReport.Data
    • Packages with FastReport.Data plugins have been updated. Now they include plugins for different FastReport editions (Microsoft .NET, Core, CoreWin, OpenSource) and automatically connect the necessary library, depending on the product you use.
  • Localizations
    • Added package FastReport.Localization.
    • Added new API for changing the localization using the CultureInfo type - FastReport.Utils.Res.LoadLocale.
FastReport Mono

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