Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular 12.2.0

10月 11, 2021 - 14:10


Angular Grids: Grid, Tree Grid and Hierarchical Grid

  • Angular grid row styling - Added support for conditional styling of rows based on custom rules.
  • Add row at the top of the grid - Added the ability to programmatically spawn the add row UI by using two different public methods. One that accepts a row ID for specifying the row under which the UI should spawn and another that works by index. You can use these methods to spawn the UI anywhere within the current data view.
    (Changing the page or specifying a row that is, for example filtered out, is not supported).
  • Persistent State directive - column group storing - The Angular Grid State Persistence directive now supports the following out of the box:
    • Multi column headers.
    • Columns order.
    • Column properties defined by the IColumnState interface.
    • Columns templates and functions are restored using application level code.
  • IgxTreeGrid: new filtering strategy to display only filtered records - By default, after a filter is applied, the Tree Grid component displays the records matching the criterion that have been set and their parents in a grayed-out fashion to provide additional context. However, in some cases, you may want to display only the records matching a particular filtering condition without any trace of their parents. This can now be achieved out of the box.
  • Updated the export grid to Microsoft Excel service - Added the ability to export freeze columns and rows when exporting a grid to Microsoft Excel.

Angular Components

  • Snackbar - support of animation customization - Ignite UI Snackbar component can now be customized to display more complex elements than a message and a button. If you want to show the snackbar while loading a file, for example, a loading animation can be added to its content.
  • Toast - Added a new position strategy.
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