PowerShell Studio 2021 (5.8.195)

WPF XAMLファイルのIntelliSenseサポートを追加
10月 12, 2021 - 10:40


  • Added a XAML template file.
  • Added basic IntelliSense support for WPF XAML files.
  • Added new module project property - Staging Folder Name.
    • The name of the folder is used when preparing the module for building an MSI.
  • Added new module project property - Export to Local Machine Path.
    • When true, module projects will be exported to the Local Machine path rather than User module path.
  • Added the ability to export WinForms to XAML.
  • Added version indicator on unlock/license dialogs.
  • Added new snippet - Load-Xaml.
  • Application title now shows when running as Administrator.
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