ExpressNavigationPack 21.1.6

10月 15, 2021 - 10:39


  • All VCL products
    • DevExpress controls incorrectly scale in Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 Alexandria if its VCL designer’s DPI value is different from 96.
  • ExpressBars Suite
    • Ribbon - TdxRibbonBackstageView captures mouse wheel events of its child controls that reside on a tabbed page whose content does not fit the screen.
    • Ribbon - The Ribbon Popup Menu is not scaled based on the current DPI.
    • The OnUpdate event does not fire for actions linked to items of the Ribbon Mini Toolbar when it appears.
  • ExpressEditors Library
    • cxComboBox – The OnClick event does not occur during an incremental filtering operation if the editor's ItemIndex property value is changed to -1.
    • cxRichEdit - The OnChange event occurs multiple times in response to an editor handle create operation.
    • TcxCustomRichEdit and its descendants - The Properties.AutoURLDetect property has no effect in RAD Studio 11 projects.
    • TcxCustomTextEdit and descendants - Underlines for incorrectly spelled words flicker during text input into an editor.
    • TcxGroupBox incorrectly aligns embedded controls until its owner realigns it if certain skins are applied.
    • TdxCustomGalleryControl and descendants - The control displays an unexpected border to the right of a group caption if the application works under Microsoft Windows 10 and the control's NativeStyle property value is True.
    • The "Out of range" exception occurs during an incremental item filtering operation if the editor's Style.StyleController property value is modified within the OnChange event handler.
  • ExpressLayout Control
    • TdxCustomLayoutCheckableItem and descendants - An associated action's OnUpdate event does not occur.
  • ExpressLibrary
    • TcxImageList with default image dimensions clears its content if opened in RAD Studio 11 Alexandria where the VCL designer’s DPI value is not 96.
  • ExpressNavBar
    • Hamburger Menu - Accelerator characters do not work in the Navigation Pane.
    • Hamburger Menu - The control does not pass a mouse click event to the form if an overlay is closed by a mouse click.
    • Hamburger Menu - The OnOverlayShowed event is missing.
  • ExpressSkins Library
    • Form - The non-client area is incorrectly skinned if a form contains a populated TMainMenu object and a project's "Set Subsystem Version fields in PE Header" option is set to 6.0 or later.
    • Form - The size of the non-client area in a maximized form is incorrect if a project's "Set Subsystem Version fields in PE Header" option is set to 6.0 or later.




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