Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v15.2 (ビルド1560)

11月 09, 2021 - 13:52


  • The XML Import dialog now includes the option to either merge or restore Discussions from XML into the model.
  • Optimized the Native XML Importer to improve speed.
  • Improved feedback when importing a large Native XML project to avoid appearing unresponsive.
  • Updated the Native XML Importer for Project Transfer to retain trailing ']' characters in MEMO type columns.
  • Improved XMI Export behavior for Kanban diagrams that are set to 'Auto Fill'.
  • The Baseline Comparison will now compare and report differences in Receptions.
  • The Baseline Comparison will now merge differences in View Packages.
  • Entry/exit behaviors on the State and Guard on Transition connectors are now imported from XMI 2.1.
  • Diagram Kanban Search is now preserved through XMI 1.1, XMI 2.1, Native XML and Copy and Paste.
  • The Relationship Matrix now uses profile-specified connector validation.
  • Child diagrams are now deleted with the parent element when more than 10 elements are bulk deleted from the Browser window.
  • Improved switching between two models hosted by PCS.
  • The 'Add New' context menu for the 'Interaction Points' tab of the 'Features' docked window now re-enables after selecting an instance object.
  • Added the ability to prevent the Usage dialog potentially showing non-related entries when running a 'Find in Diagrams' on an element hyperlink.
  • Discussion Post Editor
    • Sizing of row has been improved after pasting text.
    • Drag and drop text is no longer available.
  • Collaborations
    • Collaboration Chat History with 'Summary' filter applied now shows all Chat groups for admin users.
    • Docked Notes window now saves changes before a new element is selected when using the active Chat button.
    • Collaboration diagram selection is now updated when interacting with a Chat message notification.
    • Reviews, Discussions and Comments in the Collaboration window now use the current model and not an external model connection, if defined.
Enterprise Architect Collaboration Window.

Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition(英語版)



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