Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server v4.2 (ビルド66)

11月 09, 2021 - 13:49


  • Cloud Server
    • You can now XML Encode the Server Password in 'getallserversettings'.
    • Improved logging with the inclusion of ThreadIDs to connection related messages.
    • Soap ports are now restarted (in event of an error) with the defined port number.
    • Improved basic login for secure connections.
    • DBAlias values are now automatically trimmed of leading and trailing spaces.
  • OSLC
    • Response XML for /login/ call now includes User/Model Default Diagram GUID.
  • WebEA
    • Selecting a Call Behavior Action on a diagram now loads its composite diagram.
    • Added the ability to load user/model default diagram when no WebEA default has been set.
    • Improved layout of Collaboration view lists/properties.
    • Collaboration history headings now include the timeframe.
    • Added a breadcrumb path to the WebEA navbar.
    • Changed the icon for the navbar 'Full Path' menu.
  • Configuration Client
    • DBAlias input value is now trimmed before being saved to connection string.
  • Floating License Server Client
    • 3rd Party Licenses are now loaded in the FLS Group Entitlement screen.
    • Releasing a key now checks that the selected key(s) is checked out, if not it does nothing.
  • Web Configuration Client
    • Added support for floating license group entitlements for Add-ins.
Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

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