MDriven - 2021年12月期リリース

1月 13, 2022 - 11:12


  • Tab now also works on singe lines.
  • Added a link to explain Preconditions to OclEditor.
  • Changes to OclEditor - Better filtering on class operations vs non class operations/members.
  • Improvements to Expression Step UI.
  • Added support for stepping through OCL and EAL expressions.
  • Added a stack of active loop variables in OclEvaluator. This enables PSEval and PSEvalValue to reconstruct current variable values prior to execute.
  • Improved PSEval, added PSEvalValue and Cleaned up old OclEvaluator string match on conditional evals.
  • Moved Ocl_SqlPassthrough and Ocl_SqlPassthroughObjects so that they are not shown in general PS.
  • Cleaned up the passing of variables to operators calling PS during OCL.
  • Enabled asstring on EnumValues; (#State2).asstring.
  • Better error message if display queue fails on expression.
  • Updated to also allow BlobDownloadLink on images.
  • truefalse has been renamed to casetruefalse.
  • case has been renamed to whentrue.
  • Added a case operator.
  • Removed foreach from OCL - it is still in ActionLanguage.
  • Added new TrueFalse OCL operator.
  • Debugger improvements: selfVM is now always available - you can use selfVM.Save in debugger expressions.
  • Debugger now allows you to exclude derived attributes in result set.
  • ViewModels: if not RequiresRootObject you can now see these ViewModels directly without dragging in an object to ViewModel or Tree display.




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