GrapeCityのブログ - SpreadJSアプリケーションでReactを使用してExcelをインポート/エクスポート

6月 22, 2022 - 8:35

SpreadJS is a complete enterprise JavaScript spreadsheet solution used to create financial reports and dashboards, budgeting and forecasting models, scientific, engineering, healthcare, education, science lab notebooks, and other similar JavaScript business applications.

In this blog post, GrapeCity's Kevin Ashley shows you how to take an existing React app, add a spreadsheet, and then take advantage of the built-in Microsoft Excel Import/Export functionality of SpreadJS. Possible use-cases include:

  • Automatically (and silently) saving worksheet data
  • Synchronizing tabular data with a remote database
  • Implementing a Save button to replicate data to an external system
  • Many more!

Read this in-depth GrapeCity blog to learn how to bring this powerful Excel functionality to your React web apps.

Use SpreadJS and React to unlock powerful Excel functionality




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