Advanced Installer Architect 19.6

6月 27, 2022 - 15:23


  • Project Solution - Added the ability to link multiple projects in a solution.
  • Installer Analytics - Added the ability to track any property that you define within your setup package.
    • You can use Custom Properties reports to track the package version or edition that each of your users has installed, the installed features, the value of a specific checkbox or text field or any control which has a property attached to it.
  • Improved predefined custom action when coping files or folders.
  • Added support for building Microsoft Windows Store and Modification Package project types from the command line.
  • Improved the silent generation of visual assets.
  • Added MSIX manifest entry to EXE files to grant identity from all activation points.
  • UX improvement: Removed the "Add Folder" dialog when adding files to a project.
Advanced Installer Architect

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