ReSharper C++ 2022.2

ブループリント固有のインレイのヒントとインスペクションを追加し、Unreal Engineプロジェクトのインデックス作成のパフォーマンスを向上
8月 04, 2022 - 15:53


Unreal Engine

  • Added Blueprint-specific inlay hints and allows you to see the bigger picture behind your code:
    • Be aware of derived Blueprint classes and check out the list of all inheritors.
    • Spot that a UFunction has implementations in Blueprints and search for all such cases.
    • Quickly check the state of a UProperty, including whether it has been overridden and what value is set in the Blueprint file.
  • Added two new inspections to let you know if there are inconsistencies between the Blueprint-specific function specifiers used in the code and the Blueprints themselves:
    • A UFunction with the BlueprintCallable function specifier is supposed to be used in a Blueprint, but no usages are found.
    • A UFunction with the BlueprintImplementableEvent function specifier is supposed to be implemented in a Blueprint, but no implementations are found.
  • Improved the indexing speed of Unreal Engine projects. As a result of caching of precompiled headers, ReSharper C++ now indexes your code base up to twice as fast as before. This experimental performance boost is currently available for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 only.
  • Added support for Spec tests from the Unreal Engine automation testing framework. If you have a set of tests defined in the Define method after the DEFINE_SPEC macro or the BEGIN_DEFINE_SPEC/END_DEFINE_SPEC macros, ReSharper C++ will successfully discover them. In the Unit Test Sessions window, you can review the results of the tests and rerun failed tests, all tests, or specific tests.
  • The code completion list now includes Widgets metadata specifiers.
  • ReSharper C++ now properly handles Unreal Engine containers in Emplace calls, bringing improved search and navigation features, parameter name hints, and warnings about invalid arguments.

C++ support

  • Improved the readability of error tooltips by adding syntax highlighting. The error highlighting range has also become more precise.
  • Parameter name hints now support make- and emplace-like function calls.
  • Updated the bundled Clang-Tidy binary to Clang 14, adding new checks from the latest LLVM release.
  • Updated Boost tests.
  • Added support for the Public Include Directories and All Header Files are Public project properties.
Blueprint-specific inlay hints

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