MadCap Flare 2022r2

FlareからMadCap Centralにシングルサインオン(SSO)で直接ログインできるように改善
11月 18, 2022


  • Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) for MadCap Central
    • You can now log in to MadCap Central direct from Flare using SSO once configured on your license. SSO offers enterprise teams many benefits including:
      • User Management.
      • Password Management.
      • SAML Authentication.
      • Security Compliance.
  • Additional New Features
    • ID Attributes on Anchor Tags - You can now add ID attributes to anchor tags (i.e., bookmarks) in your project. Simply select the option in the Advanced tab in the Target Editor for HTML5.
    • Command Line Activation - You can now activate (or deactivate) the application using the command line. This can be helpful if you are using imaged machines that cannot activate Flare from the user interface.
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