Actipro Silverlight Studio 2018.1 build 0232

Released: Mar 11, 2019

2018.1 build 0232 での更新項目



  • Added the PieSeries.SliceToolTipFormat, SliceToolTipFunc, ChildSliceToolTipFormat, and ChildSliceToolTipFunc properties, which can be used to supply pie slice tooltips.
  • Updated stacked charts to show each data point's actual value in the label instead of the stacked value.


  • Updated CompletionSession so that when auto-completing without the popup showing, it raises the Opened event in addition to the Closed event that was already raised.
  • Added the IServiceLocator.SyncRoot property, and updated SyntaxLanguage to be thread-safe for registering and unregistering services.

.NET Languages Add-on

  • Improved lock access to the assembly repository across multiple threads.


  • Sped up the default page transition animation duration.