Advanced Installer Architect 18.0

Released: Feb 22, 2021

18.0 での更新項目


  • Added support for Microsoft PowerShell v7: Predefined Launch Conditions, Prerequisites and Custom Actions Engine Update.
  • Added WiX import support for Microsoft Visual Studio Extension.
  • Added PowerShell automation support for COM page.
  • Added support for PSF RegLegacyFixups.
  • Added support for PSF auto-fixup for "allowElevation".
  • Manifest Editor - Added the option to Expand/Collapse all elements with the same XPath.
  • Improved shortcut synchronization when adding a Java product.
  • Added new option to permit in-place editing in Manifest Editor.
  • Updated Project Reporting for AppX.
  • Predefined prerequisite for "Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 SP3".
  • Predefined prerequisite for "SQL Server Express LocalDB 2019".
  • Predefined prerequisites for "IIS Express 10.0".
  • "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8" prerequisite has been updated to latest version 4.8.3928.


  • Fixed Java splash screen when using JRE 11.
  • Verbose log file with "AI_EUIMSI=1" name is created when generating a log file for an EXE package.
  • Virtual Machine snapshot does not have the service running.
  • Visual Studio solution import fails through Visual Studio Installer project template.
  • "Populate ComboBox" action fails to insert more than 11 elements.
  • Screenshots cannot be performed when capturing a new repackager session.
  • Fixed Digital Signature incorrect warning: "WARNING: Digital signature. The file is marked for signing, but it already has a digital signature or cannot be signed".
  • The default MSI Radio button control size is too small for HighDPI.
  • Property's value is wrongly passed to pre-install prerequisite.
  • Fixed error when importing a WIX Project.
  • Controls are not displayed during the installation on dialog regardless of the tab order.
  • Fixed path variable issue when the variable is set as "Private".
  • "Continue with the main installation even if the prerequisite is not installed" option fails when prerequisite setup exits 0.
  • "MergeModuleGUID" is missing from the OutputProperty of the MessageBox custom action.
  • Crash when deleting EXE associated with extension used in "FileAssociationDlg".
  • Distribution type dialog is not working for most of the options of Visual Studio Import Wizard.
  • The property "TARGETDIR" is missing from the "Send install information to your web server" custom action.
  • The "Are you sure you want to uninstall" message box is not displayed when the Pre-install UI level is set to silent.
  • Crash when building a project with java .jnilib files.