Advanced Installer Architect 18.1

Released: Mar 23, 2021

18.1 での更新項目


  • Added support for repackaging in remote machines.
  • Added predefined prerequisites for OpenJDK Java.
  • Added a predefined folder in Files and Folders for %USERPROFILE%.
  • Added new MSIX declarations: "LoaderSearchPathOverride", “OutOfProcessServer”, “ProxyStub”.
  • Added new alias namespace support in MSIX and MSIX Bundle - for editing and importing.
  • Added new capabilities when importing an MSIX/APPX.
  • Added Microsoft PowerShell automation support for synchronized folders.
  • Added PowerShell automation support for folder operations settings.
  • Repackager Notes UX improvements.
  • Improved command line support to update already existing prerequisite search.
  • Improved command line support to change prerequisite minimum and maximum versions.
  • Improved command line support for folder operations settings.
  • Added support for environment variables in the command line field for custom SignTool.
  • Added support for grouping applications under a folder in the Start menu.
  • Added support for "TaskSettings.MultipleInstances" property.
  • If a target doesn't exist, you now have the ability to not disable the "Digitally sign the file" checkbox.
  • Added predefined launch conditions for Java Development Kit 14, 15 and 16.
  • "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012" prerequisites have been updated to SP4.
  • "Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver 11" prerequisites have been updated to latest version 12.2.5543.11.
  • Updated GlobalSign timestamp URL for SHA256 digital signatures.


  • Fixed synchronization of HTML-based apps between MSI and MSIX.
  • Undetermined state of the "Apply to all subfolders" checkbox is propagated to all children.
  • When importing RPK files using templates, the MSIX views are not displayed by default.
  • Migration User data folder is not correctly saved.
  • “AI_PrepareRevokePermissions” fails when the “CustomActionData” value has 36 characters.
  • Wrong UI level selection in the Migration area when opening an MSIX package for editing.
  • SignTool Error when double-quote character was used in password.
  • Uninstall cleanup misbehaves when EUI is used.
  • "AI_BUILD_NAME" property is not written in MSI.