Advanced Installer Architect のリリース

Released: Jul 2, 2019

16.1 での更新項目


  • Automation via PowerShell - Configure your Advanced Installer project by using custom interfaces and PowerShell commands. You can manage files and folders, get license information, access components, and much more all from PowerShell, thus making the automation of your build process easier than ever.
  • Predefined launch condition to detect if Windows has a pending reboot.
  • Add detection for Java 9 and newer Java bundles.
  • New predefined property for the localized value of "Local Service" account...

Released: May 28, 2019

16.0 での更新項目


  • Add Undo functionality to Table Editor.
  • Detect Default Programs and related File Type Associations when importing a RPK file.
  • Predefined launch conditions for "Windows 10 May 2019 Update".
  • Predefined launch condition and prerequisite for ".NET Framework 4.8".
  • Predefined launch condition and prerequisite for "Java 12".
  • FeatureComponents table is populated before build time.
  • Package validator improvements for UWP, AppX and Modification Package projects.
  • MSIX COM sync improvements.
  • Collaborative...

Released: Apr 23, 2019

15.9 での更新項目


  • Support for asset packages when building MSIX bundles.
  • Support for Windows Sandbox.
  • Early build validations for MSIX in Windows Store projects.
  • Support for website and web applications for Visual Studio extension.
  • Support for adding temporary files using Command Line.
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express 2016 & 2017" offline installer.
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express LocalDB 2016 & 2017".
  • Predefined prerequisites: Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL...