Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.3

Released: Jul 29, 2020

17.3 での更新項目


  • Support for signing using Microsoft Device Guard.
  • Add executable parameters support for MSIX application declarations.
  • PowerShell automation support for Text Updates.
  • PowerShell automation support for managing environment variable operations.
  • PowerShell automation support for File Association.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 scheduled task type support.
  • Add more predefined options for the Scheduled Task start time.
  • Scheduled Task support to run for an indefinite duration.
  • Verify if the digital certificate exists at the beginning of the project build.
  • Import "MsiServiceConfig" table from MSI.
  • Run in VM context menu option is now enabled for the MSIX build.
  • Add "Product Version" option to the "/UpdatePrerequisite -search_type" command line support.
  • Add option for the Repackager to generate PS1 script.
  • Validate "Main Class" at the build time.
  • Add Microsoft Visio Product in the Office Add-In Project Wizard.
  • Display a specific message in the build log when the disk is out of space.
  • Predefined custom action that expands the value of a property as a formatted text.
  • The user is prompted when adding the same MSM file in the project.
  • Display an info message when creating certificates for test only in User\MY store.
  • Add more details in the MSI verbose log for "Users and Groups" custom actions.
  • Repackager support for scripts automated installations.
  • Automatically retrieve prerequisite downloaded file name from the server.
  • Remove characters limit from the Table Editor when adding multiple properties.
  • Option to move from online prerequisite from URL to local one.
  • Display the output of regasm.exe in the notification text when extractions of Microsoft .NET COMs fail.
  • Support for importing predefined tables.
  • Support for storing latest Microsoft SQL ODBC driver into an installer property.
  • Prompt the users to automatically upgrade their projects when upgrading the license type.
  • Improve the Share Folder support to be tied with the folder component.
  • Add warning when adding app declaration parameter for MSIX.
  • Option for reading properties and their values from .INI file at build time.
  • Option to get the version from a file and store it into a property.
  • Restrict creation of headless apps for AppXUpload packages.
  • Predefined prerequisites for "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015-2019" update to latest version 14.26.
  • Predefined prerequisites for "Microsoft SQL Server Express 2019" update to latest version 15.0.4013.40.