Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.5

Released: Sep 22, 2020

17.5 での更新項目


  • Added the ability to build MSIX Optional Packages.
  • Added "Impersonate installing user" option for the "Extract Archive" operation.
  • Added the option to select more components at the same time for an instance.
  • Added new "Physical Source" text font when the path is set per-build.
  • Added "/SetPackageName" option to set the EXE bootstrapper name of a patch project.
  • Improved PowerShell automation support for drivers.
  • Improved PowerShell automation support for ODBC.
  • Improved PowerShell automation support for adding new languages to the project.
  • Improved PowerShell automation support for setting the value of "ProductCode" property.
  • Improved binary files validation - MSIX build is at least 3x faster.
  • Improved "Find element" support for the XML editing dialog.
  • Improved display warning for duplicated MSI dialog controls.
  • Improved prerequisites download and extraction folder path validation.
  • Updated redistributable "dbghelp.dll" files to the latest version from Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 v16.7.2.


  • Fixed a bug where "LoadLibrary" suggested fixup menu entry is always disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where "StackTrace" appears after removing and adding a folder.
  • Fixed a bug where if a system environmental variable path is set to a random fake exe file, the uninstaller uses it.
  • Fixed a bug where assemblies post-processed from RPK files cannot be installed because of missing dependencies.
  • Fixed a bug where the UAC prompts during the repair when the package is installed per-user.
  • Fixed error when trying to build an .aip from Visual Studio 2019.
  • Fixed a bug when renaming the application the generated assets are not deleted from the disk.
  • Fixed a bug where open URL action does not accept property formatted references.
  • Fixed a bug where the files sequence is changed when the "cab per feature" option is used.