Advanced Installer Enterprise 17.6

Released: Oct 22, 2020

17.6 での更新項目


  • Improved Microsoft PowerShell automation support for searching project information.
  • Improved custom fix-ups support for complex configuration scheme.
  • Improved move synchronized files and folders components when changing a synchronized folder feature.
  • Improved "ProductVersion" validation user experience on MSI Editor mode.
  • Improved the ability to suggest the current project location when using the "Save As" option.
  • Improved the ability to Log "Pending system changes that require a reboot" reason in the MSI Log.
  • Improved "AdminExecuteSequence" table option to modify the administrative installation sequence.
  • Improved command-line support to always install an MSI feature.
  • Improved localize folder reference when trying to delete the folder.
  • Improved MSIX services synchronization.
  • Improved command-line support for file and folder permissions.
  • Improved synchronize only files that are valid for an MSIX package.
  • Added "Element has index in parent" option in XML Edit operation.
  • Synchronized the MSIX Publisher ID with Microsoft Azure Key Vault Certificate automatically.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • "FeatureComponents" table gets corrupted when removing a feature.
  • The condition for "UserExit" action is skipped when EUI is enabled.
  • The dialog displayed by a web installer during the package download is not localized in all the languages.
  • When appending the name of AppInstaller and MSIX package to the URL, spaces are replaced with "%20".
  • "OptionalFeatsDlg" does not correctly display the feature state.
  • The "Publisher ID" field does not accept double quotes character.
  • When importing an RPK file from the command-line, the Asset Generator tries to generate all the visual assets.
  • Cab scanning is failing when getting the last file in the CAB.
  • HyperV windows feature wrongly declares BitLocker as a dependency on Windows 10.
  • Hyphen character in KeyVault secret throws error.
  • StackTrace error when trying to move a registry key between hives.
  • SKU is not working for Create a New VM since the Windows upgrade to 1803 on specific ISOs.
  • Scheduled tasks triggers are set incorrectly at runtime.
  • Incorrect LaunchResult behavior when "Running in VM" a package which requires a restart.
  • Command-line "no_elevation" parameter does not work for an Updater project.
  • Word Web Add-in solution build configurations not detected during Office Add-in wizard.
  • "Enable installing of patches.. " option from Digital Signature view remaining disable.
  • Prerequisite's related feature is not displayed in the "ConfigureDlg" dialog if no 32-bit OS is selected.
  • "Run as Administrator" option makes launched EXE appear in the background.
  • Crash when switching themes on projects that contain "InstallTypeDlg".
  • Advinst.msi edited in quick-edit mode creates broken MST file.