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CodeIt.Right v2021.1 Personal

For individual developers - maximum 1 license per order

1 Year Subscription (free upgrades to new versions) w/ Premium Support Renewal


CodeIt.Right v2021.1 Standard

1 Year Subscription (free upgrades to new versions) w/ Premium Support Renewal


CodeIt.Right v2021.1 Enterprise

1 Year Subscription (free upgrades to new versions) w/ Enterprise Support Renewal


CodeIt.Right(英語版) のライセンス

Once license is required per user. You can install and use the software on up to 3 computers so long as you are the only individual using the software. This does not include build servers - separate user license is required for build server.

The Standard Edition is the one for small teams. In terms of feature set, this is the baseline edition. The Standard Edition will be right for you if your team is locally located and you don't need the distributed features, centralized team standards configuration or code metrics. It is perfect if you are happy with basic build integration and base reporting. The Standard Edition is aimed at small locally located teams.

The Enterprise Edition is for larger teams and it includes code metrics, team collaboration and advanced tools for continuous integration and automated build, together with enhanced reporting. Additionally, the Enterprise Edition allows silent deployment/automated provisioning. The Team Collaboration include the Analysis and Team Configuration Modules, control over the management and distribution of standards, guidelines, custom rules and updates to the Team. The Enterprise Edition is most suitable for teams of 5 or more both local and distributed.

The Personal Edition is designed specifically for solo developers and freelancers who are not part of a team. It includes all the features of the Standard Edition plus the Code Metrics package from the Enterprise Edition. Note that the Personal Edition cannot be integrated as part of the build process, limited to a maximum of one user license

CodeIt.Right Software Assurance and Support Subscription

What is Software Assurance?
Software Assurance is an annual subscription plan is the most cost effective and convenient way to stay current with the latest versions of our products.

  • Upgrade to new versions at no additional cost (regardless of price changes)
  • Auto Update for the latest rule sets

What is Premium Support?
Premium Support subscription enables you to access private Premium Support forums monitored by SubMain staff with the response time within 24 hours (business days).

  • Access to private Premium Support forums

What is Enterprise Support?
Enterprise Support subscription is our highest level of service and includes all of the Premium Support tier benefits plus:

  • Priority phone support
  • Implementation review services
  • Direct communication channel with the SubMain Development Team
  • Custom rule development services at reduced rates