Codejock Calendar Visual C++ MFC v18.0.1

Released: Jul 31, 2017

v18.0.1 での更新項目


  • Visual Studio 2017 support added.
  • Office 2016 theme added.
  • Added horizontal scrollbar theme support.


  • Event text positioning in Office 2013 theme fixed.
  • Calendar Caption Bar drawing on switching between different themes in OneLine mode fixed.
  • Text color of CXTPDateLabelPart in Calendar Caption Bar for themes Office XP, Office 2000 and Office 2003 in OneLine mode fixed.
  • Text clipping in Calendar Caption Bar control in themes Office 2003 to Visual Studio 2015 fixed.
  • Crash on pressing the Tab key after creating allDay event fixed.
  • Too dark text and lines Visual Studio 2015 Dark theme fixed.
  • Crash on VK_APPS button click fixed.
  • Time-line scale changing and view not refreshing properly when mouse wheel is used to scroll horizontally fixed.
  • Welected event border color fixed.