CodeRush Ultimate 19.1.5

Released: Jun 13, 2019

19.1.5 での更新項目


New Refactoring - Inline Lambda

  • This release introduces Inline Lambda refactoring. This refactoring сreates a lambda expression and inlines the referenced delegate. To use this refactoring, just place the caret on a method reference within a delegate creation statement, press Ctrl+. or Ctrl+ to invoke the Code Actions Menu, select Inline Lambda from the menu and press Enter.

CodeRush Menu - Now Top-level in Visual Studio 2019

  • The CodeRush menu now is positioned at the top level of the Visual Studio menu bar. If you want to move the CodeRush menu position down into the Visual Studio 2019 Extensions menu (which makes CodeRush harder to use - not recommended), enable the "Nest the CodeRush menu inside the Visual Studio Extensions menu (restart required)" option.

Code Places Enhancements

  • TypeScript / JavaScript Support (Beta) - Code Places now works in JavaScript and TypeScript code.
  • Improved Performance for Large Files - Improved Code Places performance for large files (files with more than 3000 lines of code) in the following scenarios:
    • Opening/closing documents
    • Moving the caret through documents
    • Switching between documents

NGEN Notification in Feature Advisor

  • Starting with this release, you can see the "Improve Performance with NGEN" notification appearing in the Feature Advisor. In previous versions, NGEN notifications were shown in a message near the top of the IDE. You can use the IDE/NGEN Options settings to configure your preferred NGEN performance-enhancing behavior.