DevExtreme Mobile 16.1.5 released

Released: Aug 2, 2016

16.1.5 での更新項目


DevExtreme Core

  • Custom navigation is not working in the SlideOut layout
  • DevExtreme messages cannot be customized by the Globalize.loadMessages method
  • Documentation - The HtmlApplication.viewCacheSize option description contains an incorrect default value
  • dxDeferRendering does not show a custom load Indicator specified using the dx-visible-while-pending-rendering class
  • Localization breaks the app if DevExtreme messages are not loaded for the current locale
  • The value property is not set if it is specified using the Get and Set methods (Angular)

DevExtreme Tools

  • DevExtreme crashes when accessing the PhoneGap project options and custom plug-ins are referenced without a name attribute
  • It is impossible to add the DevExtreme.AspNet.Mvc.dll library to an ASP.NET Core MVC application (.NET Framework)
  • Renaming the Visual Studio project does not rename the Android package


  • A part of an appointment is still visible in dxScheduler after that appointment is hidden
  • dxScheduler linked using RequireJS throws the "Cannot read property 'dxScheduler' of undefined" error when a view has appointments
  • dxScheduler resources don't use the displayExpr option
  • It's impossible to use two-way binding for a resource data source

UI Widgets

  • Documentation dxTagBox - The value option is not read-only
  • dxAutoComplete - The W1002 warning appears when a user erases searched text
  • dxContextMenu - Sliding animation causes child elements to overlap their parents
  • dxDateBox - A time list should be scrolled to the initial value when it is opened
  • dxDateBox - The picker items are empty if type: 'time' and the "min" option is used
  • dxDateBox - The time picker's date part is sometimes incorrectly calculated
  • dxDateBox - The value's date part is changed when manually editing the input's text if type: 'time'
  • dxDateBox - The value's time part is changed when manually editing the input's text
  • dxDateBox does not display an error icon if a user selected the time before the min date in the dropdown
  • dxFileUploader - The file name is not changed when a new file is uploaded
  • dxForm - It is impossible to get a full complex DataField value in the fieldDataChanged event handler
  • dxForm does not update data if dataField is set to an underlying Object
  • dxLoadPanel - A wrong font is specified for the panel content
  • dxLookup - The onValueChanged event help topic contains incorrect info about itemData in the 16.1.4 documentation
  • dxLookup does not allow searching for items on Android
  • dxLookup has a gap in its list and hides its search bar in the iOS theme on Android
  • dxMap - Adding markers without a country throws the ' Maximum call stack size exceeded' exception
  • dxMenu - When dxMenu is expanded for the first time, the first menu item flickers
  • dxPopover has incorrect size and position when its content is changed at runtime (Angular)
  • dxPopup is displayed at a wrong position for the first time if the width option is set to "auto" (Angular)
  • dxPopup moves on being resized
  • dxSelectBox does not filter data after a an item has been selected
  • dxTabPanel - The "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error occurs if no tabs exist
  • dxTagBox - A tag container is not scrolled to its start position after it loses focus in single line mode
  • dxTagBox - It is difficult to set focus when the searchEnabled option is set to true on iOS
  • dxTagBox - Selection does not work when showSelectionControls is set to true
  • dxTagBox - The tag height is too large when the tag template is used
  • dxTextArea - The autoResizeEnabled option does not work under certain circumstances
  • dxToolbar doesn't get its background-color in 16.1.4
  • dxTooltip - Sliding animation causes incorrect positioning of the tooltip element against its target
  • dxTooltip is shown behind dxPopup
  • dxTreeView - Extra items are selected after search
  • dxTreeView bound to ArrayStore throws the "Cannot read property 'content' of undefined" exception when the ArrayStore.insert method is called
  • dxTreeView throws the "Cannot read property 'internalFields' of null" exception when the rootValue option is changed at runtime and a data source is filtered
  • Editors - The "on" event subscription works only if a widget is already subscribed to this type of event
  • How to disable a single context menu item at runtime
  • The dxpinch event is not raised in version 16.1
  • Theme Builder - Icon and Link colors are ignored
  • ThemeBuilder - The export of version 15.2 is not compatible with version 16.1
  • Touch gestures do not work in touch-enabled widgets in IE 11
  • ui.Dialog.Confirm takes all the screen width
  • Unable to drag the dxPopup widget under certain circumstances
  • Update the dxTagBox.onSelectionChanged documentation in 16.1 to reflect that it's necessary to use the addedItems field instead of selectedItem
  • Z-index of DevExtreme overlay widgets is less than z-index of Bootstrap elements.