DevExtreme Mobile 16.1.6 released

Released: Sep 7, 2016

16.1.6 での更新項目


DevExtreme Core

  • ODataStore - Provides the capability to send PATCH requests


DevExtreme Core

  • "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error is thrown when using DevExtreme with Knockout 3.0.0.
  • dxDeferRendering is missing from the TypeScript definition.
  • dxTagBox inside dxForm throws the "The 'release' method shouldn't be called for an unlocked Lock object" error.
  • Localization - The "originalLoadMessages is not a function" error is thrown on loading a DevExtreme application with Globalize.js.
  • OData - customQueryParams are ignored in totalCount requests.
  • The angular two-way binding of the dxTabPanel selectedIndex option stops working after setting selectedIndex to -1.
  • Two-way binding does not work inside dxDeferRendering and dxPopup with the AngularJS approach.

DevExtreme UI Widgets

  • Correct the "List of Collection Container Widgets" help topic to remove editors from the list of the collection widgets.
  • Documentation - The dxForm.validate help topic does not provide a sample of the method usage.
  • Documentation: dxTreeView - Add info that IDs must be unique.
  • Dropdowns stay open when switching between tabs in the tab panel.
  • dxActionSheet is cut at the bottom when a title is set dynamically.
  • dxDateBox - A validation message isn't shown on changing a value of the isValid option.
  • dxDateBox - Custom validation does not work if a value is selected in a calendar.
  • dxDateBox - DropDownButton stops working under certain conditions.
  • dxDateBox - The value is invalid if it is changed in the onValueChanged handle.
  • dxDateBox does not reset the time part of a value if the pickerType option is set to "rollers" and the format option is set to "date".
  • dxFileUploader causes "$apply already in progress" if the ng-click is handled for the dxFileUploader parent container element.
  • dxForm incorrectly aligns items in groups under certain conditions.
  • dxGallery hangs after changing 'showIndicator' to true when the widget is invisible.
  • dxMenu: The "itemClick" event does not fire in adaptive mode.
  • dxNavBar is not updated when its bound dataSource is changed on the SelectedIndex watch listener (Angular).
  • dxNumberBox - A validation message disappears under certain conditions when the "range" validation type is used.
  • dxNumberBox - Validation doesn't work if the isValid option is set to false.
  • dxNumberBox rejects a typed number if it ends with a period.
  • dxPopup - Add information to documentation that the disabled options influence DevExtreme widgets only.
  • dxSelectBox - The clear button does not work if acceptCustomValue is set to true.
  • dxSelectBox - Unable to clear a value of a lookup column using keyboard.
  • dxSelectBox allows focusing a disabled item after a search.
  • dxSelectBox displays a virtual keyboard when the drop-down button is clicked, when Chrome is run on Android.
  • dxTabPanel - The scrollingEnabled option is not in effect.
  • dxToolbar - A drop-down menu is displayed cropped on first showing in an Angular app.
  • It is possible to type text into text input fields when dxLoadPanel is visible.
  • MVC Wrappers do not allow using partial views in templates when views contain the "script" tag.
  • The onValueChanged event is missing the jQueryEvent parameter in certain widgets.
  • The TypeScript definition file does not have the dxTagBox.tagTemplate option.