DevExtreme Web 16.2.3 released

Released: Dec 14, 2016

16.2.3 での更新項目


  • Angular 2 Support (RC)
    • Webpack and Angular CLI Ready - With the v16.2 release, DevExtreme Angular 2 components can be seamlessly used with Webpack and installed into an application created with Angular CLI.
    • DevExtreme Validation - All built-in DevExtreme validation features are now available inside the DevExtreme Angular 2 components. You can use dx-validator, dx-validation-group, dx-validation-summary components and all available validation rules in your Angular 2 application.
    • New Configuration Components - With the v16.2 release, we've introduced two types of configuration components. The first type provides a convenient and efficient way for binding ‘deep’ properties. The second type allows you to declare collection property items (e.g. DataGrid columns, TabPanel tabs, etc.) via markup.
  • MVC Wrappers (RC)
    • Data Editors - Client-Side Validation - This release introduces integrated client-side data validation and error indication. Validation rules can be defined in a model by attaching Data Annotation attributes (e.g. Required, StringLength, etc.) to corresponding properties.
    • Ability to Submit HTML Forms with Nested DevExtreme Editors - With this release, you don't need to write custom code to submit HTML forms with nested DevExtreme editors.
    • Add MVC Wrappers to an Existing Visual Studio Project - Visual Studio developers can now add resources required by ASP.NET MVC Wrappers to an existing MVC project.
  • jQuery 3.x Support
    • DevExtreme is ready to use with jQuery version 3.x.
  • Localization
    • v16.2 introduces ECMAScript Internationalization API support. You can now localize your DevExtreme applications using the Intl global object.
  • Data Grid
    • Optimized Remote Paging for Grouped DataGrid - The grouped DataGrid can request data only for visible groups instead of loading complete data for all groups. This significantly improves the performance of the DataGrid in scenarios involving large amounts of data.
    • Toolbar Customization - The new onToolbarPreparing event allows you to customize toolbar items (add/delete items, customize item settings).
    • API Improvements
      • getDataSource(): Provides access to the DataSource.
      • getRowElement(rowIndex): Provides indexed access to a specific row.
      • getVisibleColumns(): Gets all visible columns including command columns.
      • getVisibleRows(): Gets to all visible rows.
      • getScrollable(): Gets the scrollable part of the Data Grid.
      • repaintRows(rowIndexes): Redraws the specified rows.
    • Row Selection Improvements
      • Single-Page Selection - Previously, an end user could select all rows on all pages. In this release, we have added a new mode that allows an end user to select all rows within a single page.
      • Deferred Selection - In deferred mode, the Data Grid does not make requests for data until you demand this in code. This feature is especially useful in scenarios with large amounts of data.
  • Pivot Grid
    • Remote Data Processing - The Pivot Grid now works faster by delegating all data intensive operations (filtering, grouping, summary calculation) to the server.
  • Scheduler
    • Cell Customization - New templates allow you to customize scheduler cells (resource cells, cells within a table, date and time cells).
    • View Customization Enhancements - New options allow you to customize scheduler views individually.
  • Data Visualization
    • Tree Map - Truncate Overflowing Labels.