IntelliFront BI

IntelliFront BI is a browser-based Data Analytics & Business Intelligence solution that saves you time and money by creating & sharing your Reports, KPIs & Dashboards in a single easy-to-use portal. Quickly create static & real-time reports in the browser-based admin module and easily share them with management & stakeholders in their secure user portal.

Intellifront BI’s versatility has improved not just the on-demand reports but also the scheduled reporting.

Jack Meadows, Executive Director of IT services, University of Louisville

IntelliFront BI Features

  • Designed with on-premise implementation in mind, it comes with Active Directory Integration, Single Sign On & 2-Factor Authentication as standard. Coupled with its built-in Application Security, IntelliFront BI allows you to collaborate & share reports with external users without compromising your security policies.
  • Give your users a simple, secure & intuitive reporting portal to consume their Reports, KPIs and Dashboards as part of their daily routines...


IntelliFront BIビルド20200409)
IntelliFront BIビルド20200409)
キャンバスにPower BIのダッシュボードを表示する機能を追加
IntelliFront BIビルド20191220)
IntelliFront BIビルド20191220)
IntelliFront BIビルド20191118)
IntelliFront BIビルド20191118)
IntelliFront BI 3.0.0(ビルド20190417)
IntelliFront BI 3.0.0(ビルド20190417)
IntelliFront BI 2.2.9(ビルド20190320)
IntelliFront BI 2.2.9(ビルド20190320)
IntelliFront BI 2.2.8(ビルド20190220)
IntelliFront BI 2.2.8(ビルド20190220)

価格:¥ 4,200,400 (税抜)〜

IntelliFront BI licenses are perpetual。 One license includes: Unlimited Users、 Administrators and Viewers、 Unlimited Recipients、 Unlimited Dashboards、 KPIs、 Reports and Workflows、 Unlimited Processors...


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  • Power BI
  • SSRS (SQL Server reporting Services)
  • Crystal reports
  • OBDC Compliant Databases
  • Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox and other browsers
  • Desktop and Mobile rendering
  • Google Maps
  • Excel as a Database
  • SharePoint