IronXL 2020.x

Released: May 5, 2020

2020.x での更新項目


Updated Dec 8, 2020


  • Improved security and licensing.
  • Improved Microsoft .NET 5.0 compatibility.


Updated Sep 21, 2020


  • Added the ability to insert new rows or columns.
  • Added new MMULT function (matrix product of two arrays).
  • Improved set of built-in Microsoft Excel functions.
  • Added the ability to read values for a cell by column name.


  • Font and background color may be set in any order.


Updated Sep 3, 2020


  • Added named Ranges.
  • Added named Tables.
  • Added formula get/set on Ranges.
  • Added support for quoted CSV fields.
  • Added 20+ new code examples.
  • Added explicit formula re-evaluation.
  • Added check for open/locked Microsoft Excel files.
  • Added Date format without time.
  • Added Iterate Columns using numbers.
  • Added UsedRange + FirstUsedCell + LastUsedCell.


  • Fixed an issue with XML styles error adding new sheet.
  • Fixed an issue with unsupported file extension XLSX and CSV in NET Core.
  • Fixed an issue with RemoveRow().
  • Fixed an issue with writing data to file containing table formatting.
  • Fixed an issue with a bug in timestamp in docProps/core.xml.
  • Fixed an issue where font color is not displaying.
  • Fixed an issue with saving empty XLSX workbooks.
  • Fixed an issue with dependent cells formula values.
  • Fixed an issue with getCellAt exceptions.


Updated Jun 2, 2020


  • Improved formula support in .NET Framework.
  • XLSX & XLS file names allow capitalization.


Updated May 5, 2020


  • Adds new WorkBook Methods for quick and easy editing:
    • Clearing Rows and Columns.
    • Load to and from Stream or byte.
    • Functions: WorkBook.Save(), WorkSheet.GetCellAt, WorkSheet.GetColumn, WorkSheet.GetRow.


  • Cell Format fixes for Text, Data and Decimal Value.
  • Locked File Exceptions.
  • XLSX Styling and Loading.
  • Excel to HTML Conversion.
  • Font.SetColor.