SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.2.1

Released: Sep 7, 2017

10.2.1 での更新項目


This release adds the capability previously added in SQL Diagnostic Manager (SDM) 10.2 to the browser interface in IDERA Dashboard.

  • Time-based drilldown in SQL Diagnostic Manager.  Select any time range on any graph to zoom in for more detail and isolate that time range as you navigate to other graphs.
  • History Range Control.  Choose the range being displayed with a common control to specify start date and time and end date and time or select the most recent history.
  • Performance Improvements.  Extensive scalability and user productivity improvements.

In addition, a new configurable instance overview summary page with direct drilldown to more detail has been added.

  • SDM Pro Instance Overview - Combined information from various components of SDM and SQL Workload Analysis in a single overview with launch points to the respective components.
    • Alert and Health Summary – High level summary panels with drilldown to alert details.
    • Prescriptive Analysis Summary – Recommendations by category with drilldown.
    • Alert Timeline - Broken down to alert categories and configurable.
    • SQL Workload Timeline - Based on aggregate query waits performance.
    • Configurable Instance Summary Graphs - Select which instance summary graphs to display and how they are ordered.  Vertically aligned to time correlate multiple performance metrics.