TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise (英語版)

Microsoft Wordと同じように使える編集と帳票作成機能をWindowsフォームのアプリケーションに搭載

Text Control 社の製品
1998 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

価格:¥ 424,600 (税抜)〜 バージョン: X18 SP1 新機能 更新日: Apr 23, 2020


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TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise X17 SP1

Released: Aug 21, 2019

X17 SP1 での更新項目



  • Mailmerge: IF field is removed in case of empty database field.


  • FieldNavigator Sidebar control does not show the fields and merge blocks after ResetContents.

Text fields

  • Inserted text is added to a field's text.


  • RibbonDropDownButton Frames is missing in the resources and cannot be translated.

Text filters

  • DOC, DOCX and RTF import: Missing editable region.
  • DOC Export: Wrong text formatting.

Text Frames

  • TextFrame.Name is not exported correctly to DOCX, DOC and RTF.


  • Undo removes field additional to text.


  • List items (bullets and numbers) are not formatted equally.


  • Table is corrupted if it follows a page break and the first table row is removed.


  • TextControl.Changed is not thrown after changing ApplicationField's properties via dialog.
  • ShowMiniToolbar "LeftButton" and "RightButton" causes objects to retain in memory.
  • SystemAccessViolation when setting text inside a table cell when the table is selected.