ComponentSourceとVisual Integrityとの提携15周年記念

2月 9, 2024
ComponentSourceは15年間にわたり、Visual Integrity社と提携し、世界中のお客様に価値あるPDFソリューションを提供


ComponentSource and Visual Integrity have worked together for a decade and a half to bring powerful PDF solutions to the software development world. This dynamic partnership has ensured developers and users alike have access to industry-leading PDF tools and technologies.

Visual Integrity, established for over 25 years, is a leader in PDF and vector graphics technologies. It offers a range of products including converters like pdf2cad and pdf2image, enabling users to transform PDFs and PostScript EPS files into various industry-standard formats. Its PDF SDK empowers developers to integrate conversion functionalities into their own applications. Visual Integrity provides solutions for PDF conversion and creation across Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Through ComponentSource's global distribution network, Visual Integrity's products, PDF FLY, pdf2cad, pdf2picture and its versatile PDF SDKs, have reached a wider audience. This has enabled developers to integrate advanced PDF functionalities into their applications, and end users to access to powerful tools for PDF manipulation and conversion.

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