amCharts 4: Charts v4.10.0

1月 12, 2021 - 10:30


  • PDF export options now support scale, minWidth, minHeight, maxWidth, and maxHeight options.
  • New setting reverseGeodata (default: false) on MapChart and MapSeries. (amCharts requires polygon coordinates to be in clockwise order. Some map data have them in counter-clockwise. If your custom map appears garbled, try setting this to true).
  • New global option: am4core.options.pixelPerfectPrecision (default: 0). Precision (number of decimal points) to be used when rounding point x/y for elements that have pixelPerfect = true set.
  • New Tooltip property ignoreBounds (default false). If set to true, will not try to contain tooltips within the boundaries of the chart.
  • SVG export options now support scale, minWidth, minHeight, maxWidth, and maxHeight.
  • New ExportMenu property: element (a reference to menu's top element).
  • RangeSelector plugin: a new event periodselected added to DateAxisRangeSelector.
  • DateFormatter now supports quarter format (code: "q").
  • New DateAxis property: timezone. Allows setting timezone to recalculate data in, e.g. "Australia/Sydney". (Make sure not to set this on both axis and date formatter).
  • New DateFormatter property: timezone. Allows setting timezone to recalculate date objects to before applying the format, e.g. "Australia/Sydney".
  • New global option: am4core.options.disableHoverOnTransform ("never" (default), "touch", always)). Allows disabling all hover activity when some element is being dragged or resized.
  • New LineSeries property: smoothing ("bezier" (default), "monotoneX", and "monotoneY") - indicates algorithm to use for smoothing the lines. Monotone algorithms are better suited for irregularly-spaced data.
  • ForcedDirectedTree: new property zoomable (default: false). If set to true, the chart will be zoomable/draggable using mouse, touch, or API.
  • ForcedDirectedTree: zoom related properties added. mouseWheelBehavior ("zoom", "none") - controls what happens when mouse wheel is used over chart; zoomStep (default: 2) - step to increase zoom level my each zoom in; zoomOutButton - an instance of button which is shown when chart is zoomed in.
  • ForcedDirectedTree: new zoom-related methods: zoomToPoint(point, level, center) and zoomToDataItem(dataItem, level, center).
  • New global function: am4core.createDeferred(callback, scope, ...parameters). Can be used to create multiple charts in a truly safe daisy-chain (next chart starts to be instantiated only when previous triggers a ready event). Returns a Promise with chart instance.
  • New global option: am4core.options.deferredDelay (default 100). Specifies time-gap in milliseconds between deferred chart instantiations.
  • Changed
    • Added date ordinal translations for Chinese locales.
    • Setting ignoreZeroValues = true on PieSeries/PyramidSeries will now hide null-value slices, too.
    • DateAxis setting timezone is being deprecated. Please consider setting timezone on chart or axis dateFormatter. DateAxis will now properly place grid in time zones that use non-whole hour fractions, e.g. ("Australia/Adelaide").
    • Accessibility: Roles and tabindexes in ExportMenu elements has been altered to better comply with ARIA standards.
    • License check for MapChart was not working. If you are using commercial MapChart, make sure you use addLicense() for both Charts and Maps products.
    • Export: API functions like getCSV, getSVG, getJSON, getExcel will not error out if no option or format identifier is passed in.
    • Inline curly-bracket data placeholders now support dot-separated data context names as literal strings, e.g. "".
    • A bunch of dependencies were updated to latest versions.
    • Accessibility: ExportMenu top item has now role menubar rather than menu.
    • Accessibility: ExportMenu will now set aria-expanded attributes for selected menu items/branches.
    • More prompt translations to Indonesian locale (id_ID).
    • Now SankeyLink that points "backwards" will be applied "backwards" state (if created) so you can style it differently than regular links.
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